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Shazma Raza and Suha Raza Khan, the duo behind the popular Instagram handle 'The Bajis,' shared that despite their thoughtful content creation on social media, they occasionally encounter trolling and criticism. Moreover, Facebook is the platform where they experience the most negativity.

In the recent episode of BuzzInContent's 'Spotlight,' 'The Bajis' discussed how they tackle online trolling, create content for diverse age groups, and they also shared insights on what sets their content apart.

While speaking about 'The Bajis' approach to handling trolling on social media, Suha said "We carefully consider our content. There have been instances where we discarded entire videos to avoid the negativity of trolling. But if we decide to deal with it, then we revert to certain comments. Facebook tends to be the platform where we encounter the most negativity."

Shazma emphasised that their content is clean, devoid of any offensive language or inappropriate humour. Given their diverse audience spanning various age groups, meticulous consideration precedes the creation of their content.

“We take pride in creating family-friendly content,” she added.

Suha also said that many individuals have conveyed to them that their content doesn't cater to GenZ but ‘The Bajis’ are content with that observation.

“We have diligently strived to produce the current content and acknowledge that GenZ engagement may not be at its peak presently, in the kind of content that we make. However, we are confident that it will materialise in the future as we continue our efforts,” she added.

“We keep participating in dedicated sessions, such as those organised by Meta, which help us gain insights into optimal reel or video lengths for increased engagement. These sessions also cover valuable information on podcasts, YouTube shorts, and more. These opportunities prove highly beneficial for staying updated on content creation,” Suha said.

On being asked what makes 'The Bajis' content unique, Shazma shared that as two sisters, their humour resonates on the same wavelength, creating a connection with many siblings. Adding to the distinctiveness is the use of a unique Rampuri dialect in their content. Above all, the key factor is their natural chemistry.

Suha added, “Several Instagram accounts began creating content using our unique dialect and even copied our characters. While they initially gained hype, it didn't last long. However, ‘TheBajis’ have consistently maintained this trend for over three years. We pioneered various content concepts that even recognised creators couldn't replicate until they observed and started making content based on our ideas.”

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