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Launched in July 2017, Journey is Coca-Cola India’s company website reimagined as a digital magazine. While the earlier website had all the official communication from the company, the 2.0 version of the website is now using the storytelling format to communicate and engage with its target audience in a meaningful way.

With this content initiative, the company aims to connect with all its stakeholders through compelling content. At the heart of Journey stands a storytelling platform because the ancient art of storytelling has always held an emotional connect with audiences and inspired action. In addition, the 2.0 version of the website brought forward original and new stories which had never been told before, in a format that brought these stories to life through rich visuals and interactivity- on the screen of choice for our audience.

Portraying the human side of the business with stories on how it touches lives, Coca-Cola Journey shares the untold stories of its people, sustainability initiatives, commitment to the communities and planet, business, heritage.

With an array of information on the internet, consumers don’t know what is true and what is false. With Journey, Coca-Cola wanted to establish credibility with a platform that would function as the Company’s mouthpiece.

Journey India’s target audience is twofold- one, the internal audience - which comprises its employees and, bottling and agency partners. The second is the external audience that includes opinion makers over 2.5 million retailers, the youth, the food processing industry, farmers, and our consumers and fans at large. Journey aims to reach out to each one of these stakeholders with communication that is prepared and delivered keeping in mind the custom content consumption patterns of each of these groups.

Journey India also includes content pieces which have been created/ written by its audiences, since it was created to facilitate two-way conversations with the stakeholders.

To ensure the creation of engaging and relevant content on the platform, Coca-Cola worked with a team of communication specialists including its agency partners, ex-journalists, freelance content writers and an in-house pool of talented colleagues with a flair for the written word. The company deployed an in-house editorial team and also reached out to its consumers and fans requesting for their inputs in the form of textual and visual content. Journey was thus a conglomeration of creative ideas and thoughts not just from internal stakeholders, but external ones as well.

The company website/Journey India will be evolving its digital stories and making them consumer first. Journey aims to give people more content that they want in a format that they enjoy.

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