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Periods aren’t easy for any woman, but that doesn’t stop them from achieving goals, fulfilling dreams and living the way they want. Keeping this insight in mind, Whisper India has collaborated with several influencers across categories to talk about their #SuperSheroes journeys and encourage other ladies to share their stories of heroism with them and the brand.

The brand started the movement with Barkha Singh, an actor and influencer loved mostly by millennials.

On July 16, 2020, she posted on her Instagram handle “I live to travel! I live to experience new places, new cultures and meet new people. But travel also involves loooong flights, long drives and sometimes even a fair amount of climbing/hiking to get to the destination. I've been on the go, one aircraft to another, for over a day, multiple times! It may have something to do with my choice of destinations, but some destinations are just worth the travel! The journey is part of the experience. Even if I'm on my period? Hell yeah! That shouldn't get in the way of chasing what I love. Girls, we all know periods are tough. Yet we manage to go through them every month and chase our dreams without stopping, without even slowing down! That makes us all #SuperSheroes.”

Barkha Singh’s post:

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She wore a green cape and tagged a few other female influencers and asked her followers to share their stories, which make them #SuperSheroes, while wearing green capes.

The brand will also feature a story each every Sunday from the user-generated content received as part of the influencer-amplified initiative.

Through Barkha’s post itself, Whisper was able to garner more than 1.2 million eyeballs in a media value estimated between Rs 1-2 lakh (spent on collaboration with her).

A few posts by other influencers who posted their #SuperSheroes stories wearing green capes:

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From the Sheeko Brandscore graph, it’s evident that Whisper has been quite active in doing influencer marketing in the past one year.

The brand has made sure that these influencers have taken efforts to write and share their real stories which bring authenticity and credibility to the brands initiative. It makes a huge difference when the content created by influencers is real, relatable and meaningful. Such initiatives help generate genuine content from the audience.