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Mankind Pharma has launched a second video under its content initiative ‘#ShutThePhoneUp’ for its condom brand Manforce. In 2017, the brand had launched its first video educating people not to film intimate moments on mobile phones. In continuation of the same subject, with #ShutThePhoneUp 2.0, the brand bursts the bubble surrounding data security and also teaches people how to permanently delete data from a mobile phone.

The brand tried to broaden the definition of ‘safe sex’ by bringing to light the sensitive and important issue via its content. With this, the brand took the responsibility of educating couples on the seriousness of filming intimate scenes.

The content initiative #ShutThePhoneUp was conceptualised and executed by ADK Fortune Communications Pvt. Ltd.

In its first video titled ‘Love Can Take A Wrong Turn’, launched in 2017, the brand made people, especially young couples, understand the grave consequences of filming their intimate moments in mobile phones, which can lead to blackmailing, illegal pornography and voyeurism. The video, which has more than 2 million views, captured a young couple, who after filming their intimate scenes, couldn’t find the phone the next day.

The first video:

In its second instalment, with the video titled ‘There’s No Going Back’, the brand continued to accentuate the gravity of the issue of filming private moments by talking about one of the biggest myths of data security that all data is erased after smart phones are formatted. The film tells users that even after a phone is formatted, data can be easily retrieved with software available on the internet and used for blackmail or worse. The film encapsulates the tension between a couple who have to negotiate a difficult deal for their old phone that contained some intimate moments, which they thought had been erased.

The second video:

Asking consumers not to film their intimate moments and indulge in safe sex, the brand also dedicated a page on its website tutoring consumers how to permanently format the mobile phones for both iOS and android users. The page also taught how to access lost android phones.

The dedicated page: