Wittyfeed's parent company Vatsana Technologies unveils six new content platforms

Transforms Wittyfeed.com into Wittyfeed.tv and adds five new platforms — Foodmate.me, ThePopple.com, InnerVoice.ai, Geeksmate.io and Duniadigest.com

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Content marketing company Wittyfeed’s parent firm Vatsana Technologies has announced the launch of six new content platforms. Along with transforming Wittyfeed.com into Wittyfeed.tv, the company unveiled five new content platforms, namely Foodmate.me, ThePopple.com, InnerVoice.ai, Geeksmate.io and Duniadigest.com which, respectively, cover information and humour; food; positivity, popularity and people for American audience; relationships and inspirations; technology; information and humour in Hindi.

Vinay Singhal

Vinay Singhal, Co-Founder and CEO, Vatsana Technologies, said, “Wittyfeed has always focused on providing the best, unique and relevant content to its users. From the framing, formatting and the user-friendly nature of each brand Wittyfeed make, it is always a meticulous effort and a well thought out decision to segregate content into varied topics, which would be both inclusive and unique at the same time. All of this is due credit to the engineers at Vatsana Technologies, who have created an AI program aimed towards providing suggestions/content to each user in a unique manner.”

“The new categories have been made in such a way that each property focuses on a special genre and each of them is broad enough to be all-inclusive for all kinds of audiences of that genre. From a business perspective, such a model of segregating content vastly increases scope of inclusion of all relevant content. It allows us to explore open vistas for each brand’s sub-genres without affecting the traffic to the other,” he added.

A press statement said Wittyfeed is also focusing on diversifying its content distribution platforms. In addition to Facebook, Wittyfeed has also seen success with a wider audience through Twitter, Outbrain and Taboola. It is also using Reddit, Snapchat and Pinterest as sources of distribution, especially focusing on the target audience and the content they are consuming.

The platforms:

Wittyfeed.tv: Platform that defines young India’s agenda, with its Indian content in English language catering to urban TG. It is a portal that aims to up the audience's intelligence quotient with updates, opinions on the latest issues, information about the latest trends and lifestyle good reads. The portal is a repository of knowledge, a unique friend and guide designed to make you the smartest Indian in the room. https://www.wittyfeed.tv

Foodmate: Let’s Date What’s On The Plate is all about the art, craft and science of food. The portal will cater to any quest about cuisines, food trends, recipes, health. If it's anything food – it’ll be covered here. https://www.foodmate.me/

ThePopple.com: Popular, Positive and Pop-Culture stories for American millennials will create ripples about everything Positive, Popular and People. Popple, meaning ripple or surge, aims to connect millions globally with its impactful stories. https://www.thepopple.com/

InnverVoice.ai: Visualized as a Platform for Youth to Express Emotions, will promote healthy conversation through the tools of both prose and poetry. The idea is to let people express and create meaningful conversation amongst its user-base. https://www.innervoice.ai/

GeeksMate: Tech Decoded will be asingular source for knowledge and information on technology and geek stuff with the latest tech updates, unbiased gadgets reviews, content to embrace the inner geek and geeky opinions. https://www.geeksmate.io/

Duniadigest.com: Hindi-only online portal will offer Informative and Humorous Stories from the world in the Hindi Language. https://www.duniadigest.com/

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