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Celebrating its one year anniversary, Woop is a platform that allows brands to build their own community of brand advocates at scale, while helping women contribute to a cause they most care about - girl child education. Woop has generated one million brand advocacy actions in the form of meaningful reviews, recommendations and referrals, and 50,000 consumer conversations for its 20+ clients in just one year.

Launched in mid 2017, Woop is part of the global word of mouth marketing leader - Advocacy. With over 50 million actions completed for brands across 25 countries in over 15 languages, this multiple award winning company launched its proprietary technology via Woop in India to help engage Indian consumers deeper and create authentic advocates at scale.

Woop has expanded its portfolio to engage with over 20+ clients and has been associated with clients such as Philips Avent, Cipla, Glenmark Pharma, Abbott, Kimberly Clark, Eureka Forbes, Kaya, JCB Salons, Swiggy, MamaEarth, 18 Herbs, Nobel Hygiene, Merck and many others.

Speaking about Woop’s first year, Rashi Mittal Nair, Co-Founder and CEO, Woop, said, “Over 50 million women in India spend more than an hour every day on social channels, sharing their views and updates with friends. Having adopted the digital landscape, brands are scurrying to find newer means to interrupt and capture the attention of millions with digitals ads and paid influencers, but most often are faced with low engagement levels. Woop helps to bridge the gap by providing brands a platform to be a part of peer-to-peer conversations of real women, and deepen their engagement with everyday influencers and brand advocates. Backed by the knowledge that people trust recommendations from friends and family 2.5 times more than advertising, Woop is aiming to grow our community size to 20 lakhs by 2022, and help educate over 70,000 girls. We are in talks with several investors across the country to raise funds to take us to the next phase of growing our product and community offering. ”

Speaking about their association with Woop, Ketan Mohile, Category Director, Cipla Health, said, “With Woop we have been able to drive meaningful advocacy in a measurable and scalable manner. The plan is to build our own community of Cipla Health advocates that keeps growing with time - ideally making it a separate media channel in itself.”

Sheetal Mehta, CEO, Nanhi Kali, said, “It’s a great platform where the women of opinion of today are creating women of opinion of tomorrow. Everybody wants to do good, but they don’t know how to do good. Woop makes doing good easy and rewarding. It’s great to have a partnership like this.”

Adding his thoughts on Woop, Arvind RP, Vice President and Head, Marketing, Kaya, said, “Word of mouth is by far the most powerful driver of new customers for Kaya. Woop provides us a structured and scalable model to motivate our customers to recommend friends and write online reviews of their experience. We have seen a very significant increase in online reviews after the Woop engagement. Another advantage of this model is the direct link between consumers doing actions and helping girl child education. The transparent social cause linkage elevates the engagement on Woop beyond transactional rewards and builds positive associations with our brand.”