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Blockchain technology firm Xfinite Ventures and influencer marketing agency Mad Influence have entered into a strategic partnership to help influencers and fans enter the Web 3.0 economy.

In a press statement, Mad Influence said, “The collaboration will bring together Xfinite’s technological prowess and MAD Influence’s expertise with the creator economy.”

In the coming months, Xfinite and Mad Influence aim to provide a platform for influencers to transition to creator first digital communities in the metaverse, spread awareness about the potential for blockchain applications like NFTs in everyday life, and help fans gain exclusive access to their favourite personalities.

Swaneet Singh, CEO, Xfinite and Mzaalo, said, "The future of the digital economy will be built on the content, commerce, and community model. Creators and their fans are at the centre of this. In that regard, we're very excited to partner with Mad Influence to make this future a reality. With their expertise and ecosystem of creators, we want to show what blockchain-powered tools can do."

"We are really excited to partner with Xfinite on this new journey. With their expertise in the blockchain universe and our expertise in the Influencer universe - I'm sure we will be opening up a new economy for this market. NFTs and Metaverse not only will benefit our influencers but also the brand ecosystem that is associated with us." Gautam Madhavan, Founder, Mad Influence.