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Men’s underwear and basics brand XYXX has collaborated with pop culture podcast platform ‘Popkast with Garima’ to launch a campaign #CoolYourBallsDown, which focuses on men’s health, hygiene and most importantly their private parts.

The Paris-based host of the podcast, Garima Surana, is known for her podcast #HathMeinNirbhar, which she launched during the pandemic. The show promoted female pleasure and broke the taboo around masturbation.

Men have not been very vocal about their own health and hygiene while most of the brands promote active lifestyle and masochism to drive resonance. XYXX positions itself as a brand that takes pride in being nurturing a community of customers that come from all walks of life, in all sizes and with different preferences which may or may not be masochistic.

#CoolYourBallsDown is a quirky men’s health campaign that aims to raise awareness through a series of interactions with the audience. The campaign aims to promote its innovation, where the brand has created underwear with a new plant-based sustainable fabric that is not only 3X times softer than cotton but also can reduce the temperature of men’s private area by 17%. The material is called Tencel and is made out of natural fibres that help this fabric to absorb moisture better, thus making it breathable.

Through this campaign, ‘Popkast With Garima’ and XYXX created and launched a reaction home-video shot during quarantine with Indian men where they ask some intimate questions to men about their underwear. Since the launch, the video has reached over 100,000 men across the country.

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As part of the campaign, Surana also invited Yogesh Kabra, Founder XYXX, on her podcast to talk about #UnderKiBaat where they touch base on all topics about underwear, men’s health, the Indian market and the startup journey.

Petal Gangurde, Vice-President, Brand and Marketing, XYXX, said, “Millenials are highly selective about the information they engage with and given their fickle attention span on other media channels, it is imperative for brands to offer them something of value while they consume content as opposed to serve yet another ad. Context and content are the cornerstones of all our brand awareness efforts. As a young brand, we are always on the lookout for exciting, new media collaborations and PopKast with Garima with its truly cutting-edge content fit in perfectly with our brand narrative. The idea was to drive the conversation about all the things men simply don't talk about, but should. They have so many questions but are embarrassed to find answers. We wanted to create a comfort zone that made light of the topic at hand yet delivered extremely insightful answers. Podcasting is fast gaining momentum in India and since they serve an immense spectrum of interests and audiences, the key for us going forward will be to identify shows that perfectly sync with our brand and products."

Surana said, “Advertising on podcasts in India is at its nascent stage and Popkast is pioneering branded collaborations on this experimental yet innovative platform by clubbing podcast content to overall campaigns that drive focussed listeners and engage people on other social platforms. Think of it as Netflix people go to watch Netflix but Netflix runs campaigns on other social platforms as well, the concept is similar only the format is audio rather than video, which, in turn, serves as a benefit for the brands either you can fight for 15-sec views on timelines or you can get 19 minutes (avg. listen time on Popkast episodes) of focussed listenership with higher brand resonance with Popkast.”