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YouTube has brought about an update to its Advertiser-friendly Content Guidelines which pertain to controversial issues such as sexual and domestic abuse, abortion and eating disorders.

As part of the same, the video-sharing platform has also allowed creators to earn more ad revenue on content discussing topics related to abortion and adult sexual abuse.

Conor Kavanagh, Lead for Monetisation Policy, YouTube, announced the development on the video sharing platform itself.

As per Kavanagh, creators can fully monetise videos discussing topics such as abortion and adult sexual abuse without going into graphic details as videos such as these can be a helpful resource to users.

“We want to ensure that wherever possible, controversial issues discussed in a non-descriptive and non-graphic way aren't disincentivised through demonetisation,” he said.

With this, he also emphasised that YouTube is aligning its Advertiser Friendly Content Guidelines on eating disorders with YouTube community Guidelines.

As a result, content content which focuses on eating disorders and shares triggers like guides around binging, hiding or hoarding food or abusing laxatives will not receive ad revenue.