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Do Se Dhai, sone do na bhai! Who doesn’t love their afternoon power naps? A regenerating power nap while working from home has been a key driver of productivity and encouraging work results. But office naps? During daytime? Try it! has launched the ‘Do Se Dhai’ campaign in an attempt to further strengthen its ‘Right to nap’ initiative, while also urging other workplaces to adopt such employee-friendly policies.

The purpose-driven campaign resonates with the voice of the employees and the philosophy of the brand that a 30-minute nap (for example, from 2-2:30 pm) during office hours rejuvenates them and makes them more productive at work.

After the overwhelming response and encouragement from netizens across the world, has collaborated with Satish Ray, a popular YouTuber, to feature in the ‘Do Se Dhai’ campaign. The protagonist questions this clichéd mindset and aims to break the taboo by re-emphasising that employees deserve a short break from their hectic work routine. The ‘Right To Nap’ initiative-led campaign brings forth the brand vision of catering to sleep and home health, while also motivating other companies to adopt this practice.

The campaign film:

Prateek Malpani, Head of Brand,, said, “At, we have always prioritised sleep health. Following the recent rollout of our ‘Right to nap’ policy and the overwhelming response it garnered, we were thoroughly inspired and wanted to convert this policy into a movement to normalize afternoon naps at work. Hence, the ‘Do Se Dhai’ campaign came into existence. With this take, we hope that the idea of napping at work isn’t looked down upon or considered a sign of incompetence. At, we believe that it was about time that we normalised nap culture during office hours, therefore promoting employees’ mental wellbeing and encouraging self-care and also hoping that it would bring about a positive change in our combined work culture. Through the ‘Do Se Dhai’ campaign, we hope to see other brands hopping on the bandwagon to adopt such employee-friendly policies for their workforce.”

Sandeep Balan, Partner - Branded Content at Spring Marketing Capital,  said, “The ‘Right to Nap’ policy by is revolutionary and I believe will be instrumental in bringing about a positive change in the mindset of the Indian workforce. At Spring Marketing Capital, we are truly thrilled to take the idea further with the launch of the ‘Do Se Dhai’ campaign and look forward to seeing more organizations adopt the initiative.” has created a dedicated landing page that leads to a petition. became the first company in India to start the office nap culture on May 4, when in an official statement to its employees, Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, Director and Co-founder of the company, announced 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm as the official nap hours.

This initiative has received an overwhelming, and positive response from its employees as well as netizens around the world. has always believed in facilitating meaningful conversations around sleep and home health. This initiative is another step to foster a healthy work-life balance among the Indian workforce.