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Zee Bollywood is a new Hindi movie channel launched on August 31, 2018. This channel stands for ‘masala entertainment’ and showcases ‘masala Bollywood films’ in their full glory.

The digital-first branding agency, The Small Big Ideas, got the job to build content that satiates the Indian appetite for ‘Masala’ films, and eventually create a distinct brand identity for the channel.

The objective of the social media campaign was to make people associate with Zee Bollywood with ‘101% Shuddh Bollywood’.

The channel’s launch communication strategy rode on the brand proposition of ‘101% Shuddh Bollywood’ to bring out the Bollywood love of every fan. ‘101% Shuddh Bollywood’ stands for original masala flavours of a Bollywood film. Hence the content curated around the theme was based on ‘Drama, panga, comedy, heropanti and jalwa’.

Besides creating engaging content across platforms, the core of its social media strategy revolved around usage of Giphy as a platform, creating Shuddh Bolly Originals (dubstep using Bollywood dialogues) and relatable topical content and memes.

These Bollywood GIFs featured popular characters and dialogues that made inroads to every filmy fan’s fun interactions on the digital space. The activity fetched more than 4.8 million impressions.


In a country where people live and breathe Bollywood, Zee Bollywood’s digital strategy leveraged the power of social media to connect with Shuddh Bollywood fans.

The social media strategic pillars were as follows:

Create a definite visual identity

Since there are a lot of other Bollywood channels covering the same movies and stars, the brand’s challenge was to create a clear differentiation on social media platforms. While the choice of movies and messaging was one filter, visual experience was another. The brand used cinemagraphs with a classic Bollywood paint effect to make the page stand out.

Create content around dialogues/scenes

From ‘Mogambo khush hua’ to ‘Yeh dhai kilo ka haath’ to ‘Main apni favourite hoon’, a Bollywood fan never misses an opportunity to use a Bollywood dialogue.

The brand created a dubstep property of its own called ‘Shuddh Bolly Mixes’, where they used iconic dialogues of various Bollywood actors.

The brand created a pool of filmy memes connecting dialogues and real-life situations and liberally scattered it through its social media pages, covering every major milestone and topical content with a quirky twist.

Content buckets such as traits of a typical Bollywood fan, guess the movie, polls, comparisons and Shuddh Bollywood Dictionary ensured that the engagement on the page remained high.

Create content around popular characters

The brand and its agency created content around characters that its fans love. This ensured that the interactions on the pages always remained high.

The campaign’s main USP was the Zee Bollywood Giphy channel that hosted scores of filmy reactions and memes for the Shuddh Bollywood fans. From Shah Rukh’s romance to Sridevi’s nautanki, the GIFs had all sorts of dialogues and situations covered.

Because of the platform integration benefit of Giphy, people could readily access these GIFs on their FB, Twitter as well as WhatsApp account and could use those in their posts or chats.

The account’s popularity skyrocketed so much so that it managed to receive 4.8 million impressions.


The filmy madness deeply resonated with the fans as was reflected in the fact that Zee Bollywood overachieved the targets and debuted with 68 GRPs, ranking fourth in the Hindi Movie Channel Category.

It achieved the following numbers in over 45 days of the launch period.


Reach: 123,907,409

Impressions: 165,429,865


Mentions: 777

Impressions: 2,240,800


Reach: 208,905

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