Zepto strums collaborations with young artists to create 10-minute playlists for World Music Day campaign

Zepto showcased music's ability to unify communities and individuals as over 500 Instagram followers participated in the campaign by sharing their 10-minute playlists

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Zepto launched a social media campaign to celebrate World Music Day by introducing a 10-min playlist that pieced together individual song names that read: Reaching You In 10 Minutes, What’s more? 

The most known way to wait for any online order is by constantly staring at our phones, but Zepto combined this with music.

Once the brand shared it on their Instagram, various young artists and influencers, such as Munawar Faruqui (5.3M followers), Anuv Jain (732 K followers), Ambika Nayak (180K followers), Lost Stories (126K followers), Kabeer Kathpalia aka Oaff (35K followers), Yashraj (54.8K followers) and Savera (4K followers), and more artist hopped on to the trend and shared their 10-Min playlists. 

Taking this year’s theme of "Music on the Intersections" to a new level, Zepto showcased music’s ability to unify communities and individuals as over 500 Instagram followers participated in the campaign by sharing their 10-minute playlists. 

Brands were quick to join the music fest with their clever takes. Paper Boat created a playlist that spelled out the phrase “Woh Kaagaz Ki Kashti Woh Baarish Ki Paani”, while Rapido created a two-song playlist that spelled out “Always Be On Time.” 

Anant Rastogi, Associate Director - Brand Marketing at Zepto, said, “Like groceries, music too is a massive part of our consumers’ everyday lives- there’s always a list, always a few favorites. World Music Day was a unique opportunity to bring the two together and expand the conversation of our 10-Min promise beyond groceries. Having artists and brands join us was the cherry on the cake!”  

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