Zirca's ContentiQ enables marketers to create data and insight-driven content plans

The new proprietary product will help brands to do content planning based on psychographics so that they can better choose platforms and engage with the right audience

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Zirca Digital Solutions launched its second proprietary product ContentiQ, which combines the power of audience profiling and content consumption data to help media planners and advertisers create strategic insights-driven and data-informed content plans.

ContentiQ leverages Zirca’s proprietary content intelligence to reveal unique insights about marketers’ target audience and equips them with deeper insights into audience archetypes by highlighting personality traits, interests and motivations — all important drivers of digital/online behaviour.

The tool provides media planners and advertisers with relevant content categories, types and format preferences based on these consumer archetypes. These insights will prove critical for creating and publishing content on relevant digital channels.

Neena Dasgupta

“Content serves as bridge between marketers and consumers. With ContentiQ, we are bringing science to content creation so that media planners and advertisers can offer powerful audience-centric content based on psychographics. This tool is set to revolutionise the content planning landscape in India and globally,” said Neena Dasgupta, Zirca CEO.

Karan Kumar Gupta

Karan Kumar Gupta, Managing Director, Zirca, said, “In a rapidly-evolving content industry, marketers need to realise that their audience is not just a number. Content deserves its own planning and measurement tools and, therefore, ContentiQ will be at the forefront of the emerging ecosystem of content-specific planning, measurement and execution tools. With this launch, Zirca is determined to bring consumer-centric conversations to the forefront of marketing communication.”

In July 2017, Zirca launched Asia’s first integrated native advertising management platform, ContentdB. The platform helps marketers manage content campaigns across multiple content discovery, social, and search networks.

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