Brands bring the ‘baap’ factor to the fore on Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, has included work done by Swiggy Instamart, Motilal Oswal Financial, Prime Video, Sharp, Clinique India, Tanishq, Bandhan Mutual Fund, boAt, Pepperfry, Samsung Galaxy, Gritzo and Metro shoes

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Fathers Day

New Delhi: Fathers are the pillars of any family unit. From the iconic use of ‘thumbs up’ emoji to their talent to sleep anywhere, from remembering to bring home boxes of sweets to delivering the same lecture because mothers want them to: fathers are built to love, nurture and need to be loved and nurtured. 

Brands have gone all out this Father’s Day to make fathers feel loved and appreciated. Be it their role as the caretaker or the funny dialogues they use, brands have captured every perspective to celebrate this often underappreciated day. 

This Father’s Day, has included work done by Swiggy Instamart, Motilal Oswal Financial, Prime Video, Sharp, Clinique India, Tanishq, Bandhan Mutual Fund, boAt, Pepperfry, Samsung Galaxy, Gritzo and Metro shoes. 

1. Swiggy Instamart follows the ‘Papa Kehte Hain’ route with translator

Swiggy Instamart delivered a ‘Dad Dialogue Translator’ on its app, teaming up with Bollywood singer Udit Narayan for its "Papa Kehte Hain ''campaign. 

On Swiggy Instamart, users were introduced to the ‘Dad Dialogue Translator,’ an in-app feature that decodes quirky and timeless dad phrases. Users can choose a typical dialogue that dads often say, such as "Humarein zamane mein” to "Paise ped pe ugte hai kya?.” 

With a single tap on the dialogue, Udit Narayan reveals the amusing and relatable interpretations behind those dad dialogues with a playful twist. The users can then share these witty translations with their dads as a Father’s Day wish.

Taking the same idea forward, users can find a very interesting toggle banner on Swiggy Instamart that switches between gifting and utility. It splits between “Papa Kehte Hain” between Bada Naam Karega - Gifts for dad and Bada Kaam Karega - chore necessities, helping users pick the perfect gift for their dads. 

Papa Kehte Hain

2. Motilal Oswal Financial taps into the ‘Dadvice’ imparted by fathers

Motilal Oswal Financial Services unveiled a heartfelt yet humorous film– ‘Dadvice.’ 

The film takes the initiative to honour the lessons imparted by "fathers," which everyone, whether they realise it or not, or passively listen to, applies to their everyday life; including their investment success. 

The film by Motilal Oswal Financial Services– ‘Dadvice’ has a tagline “Valid In Life, as well as in Investing,” and aims to not only honour fathers but also the foundation they create by providing strategic advice that is timeless and transcends many fields in life. 

The three short videos showcase a real-life scenario each, wherein a father's advice has proved to be a true winner. The humorous stories end with a heartfelt note that highlights the principles and values instilled by the real-life superhero – ‘Dads.’

3. Prime Video spotlights every dad’s iconic ‘sleeping while watching TV’ habit

Prime Video launched a fun video to celebrate International Father’s Day. The film brings to life one of the most common habits of dads across India – falling asleep in front of the TV! 

Featuring singer Shaan, singing a lullaby for fathers watching TV and struggling to keep their eyes open because of a long day, the film uses humour to encourage fathers to take a break, snooze and enjoy their favourite shows another day!   

In the film, Shaan, through his magical lullaby, reaches out to every type of dad, from the middle-aged, overworked father, the exhausted new, millennial dad, to the elderly grandfather, each one wanting to nap but not wanting to miss out on family time when watching Prime Video. 

Only the men can see and hear Shaan, and his lullaby, consisting of their favourite shows and characters from Prime Video, eventually leads to a tug of war between the need to sleep and the need to watch the next scene with family. But are the dads able to overcome their age-old habit of falling asleep in front of the TV or does nature finally take its course? 

4. Sharp defies gender stereotypes and features dad-son duo as homemakers

Sharp honours the spirit of fatherhood in its film, ‘Aapki Khushiyon Ka Thikaana.’ The film, designed and executed by advertising agency Horizon9, showcases the journey of a father and son duo as they navigate the daily household chores with ease and joy.

In a society where the roles of household management are often gender-defined, Sharp India’s film breaks stereotypes by depicting a refreshing narrative where the women of the house (mother and daughter) take a well-deserved holiday, leaving the men (father and son) to take the reins. The film captures the moments of bonding, learning, and sheer fun as the father transforms into a homemaker and takes care of the son by cooking their meals and keeping the house in perfect order.

5. Clinique India talks about#DaddyCool’s skincare 

Clinique India spotlights fathers’ skincare routines in its latest film with Saatchi & Saatchi Propagate for Father's Day. 

Saatchi & Saatchi Propagate leverages the popular hashtag #DaddyCool. 

By featuring dads who have a skincare routine with Clinique aimed to highlight the cooling effects and position it as an essential tool for dads to maintain their cool factor!

6. Tanishq portrays ‘fathers written by daughters’

To celebrate the beauty of the emotional bond between fathers and daughters, Tanishq has launched a heartfelt film to commemorate Father’s Day. 

Conceptualised by Talented Agency, this film captures the essence of the evolving relationship between fathers and their daughters, highlighting the subtle yet profound impact daughters have on their fathers' lives.

The film captures the journey of a daughter's life from childhood to adulthood, highlighting the emotional connection and unspoken understanding that deepens their relationship over time, creating a beautiful life journey together. 

Fathers learn and evolve through their daughters' perspective, symbolising a modern-day partnership built on love and mutual growth.

Fathers who raise strong daughters are, in turn, shaped by them. When fathers make room for their daughters to grow, they help create a more expansive and inclusive world. Tanishq celebrates fathers who learn to unlearn from their daughters. 

7. Bandhan Mutual Fund showcases the evolving dynamics of modern fathers

Bandhan Mutual Fund shared a delightful film taking a contemporary take on the father-child relationship. 

Highlighting a slice of life, where today’s children take the lead on equipping fathers with the know-how on the use of technology, sometimes using jibes and quips, showcasing the evolving social dynamics where children now empower their fathers to be smarter in various aspects of life. 

The video pivots to 'Sharma ji ke Papa,' demonstrating a modern twist where fathers learn from their children in many ways. Yet, it also shows that in some areas, fathers still have the upper hand, and their wisdom prevails. 

8. boAt captures comforting sounds related to dads

boAt has announced the launch of a playful track that resonates with the sounds that dads make on an everyday basis. Featuring the comforting buzz of news or sports channels, the distinctive sound of a car horn, and even the quirky echo of a burp, this track is set to release just in time for Father's Day celebrations.

Created in collaboration with UK-based DJ and music mixer AJ Wavy, "Baap of All Tracks" includes the familiar symphony of sounds associated with fathers everywhere. From the nostalgic tunes of "Hamare Zamane Ke Gaane" to the playful "Hari Ommm" burps, each element is thoughtfully woven together to evoke emotions and provide a fun, engaging listening experience.

9. Pepperfry captures the unsure feeling of the sure bond between fathers and children

Pepperfry tackles the age-old struggle of finding a gift Dad will truly love – with a light-hearted twist. The video shines a light on the quintessential Indian Dad in all his glory, meticulously scrutinising prices, warranties, and every little detail on his checklist before giving anything his nod of approval.

The video follows the journey of a young woman who, after much thought and consideration, chooses a comfortable recliner for her father. Her excitement and nervousness is evident as she presents the gift, eagerly awaiting his reaction. Like many Indian dads, he thoroughly inspects the recliner, going through a detailed checklist before finally nodding in approval. This moment captures a feeling all Indian children know well.

10. Cheil India and Samsung Galaxy question ‘dad behaviour’ of carrying wallets

Spotlighting the ever-evolving fatherly belief to carry wallets despite the digital age of payments, this Father’s Day, Cheil India rolled out a heart-warming film.  

The film revolves around a simple insight that dads are still carrying around their wallets, even though the latest Samsung Galaxy A phones are packed with the revolutionary Samsung Wallet, which conveniently stores all essentials – be it credit cards, ID cards, tickets and more. 

The dads were asked why and the film captures some very wholesome answers. 

11. Gritzo enlightens how daughters remain daughters, beyond time 

Gritzo Father's Day film captures the essence of a father-daughter relationship. The film opens with a young girl engrossed in her office work, seemingly oblivious to the world around her. As she picks up her phone, she notices several missed calls from her dad. This moment of realisation brings her back to her childhood memories represented by a princess crown sitting in her room. 

Viewers are then taken on a nostalgic journey through the young girl’s memories. Scenes from her childhood flash by, showing her super-dad taking care of her when she falls sick, supporting her during exam preparations and being the happiest person in the world when she is met with success. 

Her internal monologue reflects her thoughts: "Kal hi ki Toh Baat Hai, Jab main Papa ki nahi papa meri Princess Ban jaate theee."

But as time passed, the film shows that her priorities had shifted and somewhere she missed having that connection with her father. The film reaches its emotional peak as the father, heartbroken from his unanswered calls is pacified by his wife. Just then, he is surprised by his daughter’s arrival. He is elated when he sees her as they embrace each other in a hug. She then places her childhood tiara on his head and hugs him, rekindling the bond they shared with each other.

12. Metro Shoes highlights husband's role in parenthood 

The film is all about a heartwarming 'Thank You' note that celebrates a modern husband’s role in his wife’s pregnancy. Metro believes that with contemporary society and nuclear family structure, the relationship dynamics of Modern Indians has evolved across all facets of life. Parenthood, as a new life chapter, brings its own sets of anxiety, adjustments and expectations and this builds context to the brand’s endearing storyline of man’s unwavering support, empathy and involvement in every step of the pregnancy journey.

“We are pregnant” is a heartfelt emotion of love, care and dedication between partners that reflect the values of progressive society. With these super-relatable references of lifestyle changes around office routes and midnight cravings, this honest film aims to deliver chuckles. 

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