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Virat Khullar

Hyundai Motor India has launched Hyundai Spotlight platform, in collaboration with Universal Music India, for budding artists. The platform will enable artists across India to showcase their talent.

Unveiling the same, Virat Khullar - Group Head Marketing - Hyundai Motor India, said that the company’s objective is to go to the augmented space of the customers.

“Through this, we are partnering into the quality time of the customers. Indians love sports and music. I won’t say such partnerships will directly help the consumers but when we are building the brand, the augmented experience beyond the service and product is something consumers really cherish. This will go a long way in fuelling the brand ethos for us,” he said.

Tarun Garg

Upon being asked by BestMediaInfo about the investments at this front, Tarun Garg, Director, Sales, Marketing and Service at Hyundai India, said that while there is no lack of talent in India but what the country lacks is proper platforms for the artists.

“Majority of our customers are now GenZ and millennials, and these customers want to have a much stronger connection with Hyundai, which is beyond buying the product. Music genre is something which resonates with most of these people. The whole idea is to look beyond only products and numbers and connect with customers on a much deeper level,” he said.

Hyundai Spotlight is based on the insight that younger generations want authenticity from the brands they associate with, and through this music initiative, the brand aims to directly connect with millennials, who have become the largest car-buying class in India.

The collaboration is all set for the release of its first song, ‘Dhoonde Sitaare’, featuring singers Aastha Gill and King.

The song:

The ‘Spotlight’:

This platform will be featuring six original songs in its first year, with multiple surround content, programmed to represent different regions and languages across the country.

Hyundai Spotlight aims to help the emerging talents with repertoire advice, with international video production quality, and promotions by leveraging UMI’s partner relations and their efforts.

Garg further added, “The platform intends to discover, incubate and promote emerging musical talent in India, reaffirming our brand thought ‘Beyond Mobility'. With our new collaboration, we are confident that it will enable and motivate many young artists to come forward and showcase their talent.”

Devraj Sanyal, MD and CEO of Universal Music Group, India and South Asia, said, “It’s our continued endeavour to let talent blossom. No matter where you’re from or how established you are, which is quite often the basic requirement for any artist to get a deal. Being an artist-first label, it's our duty to give everyone that privilege purely on meritocracy.”