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In today’s new normal world, hygiene and care have topped people’s priority lists. Asian Paints, a brand that is synonymous with homes, its beautification and care, has launched Viroprotek, an advanced hand and surface sanitiser for instant protection from viruses. With 75% alcohol content, the products kill 99.9% germs.

To create a buzz around the product launch, the brand and its social media agency Kinnect collaborated innovatively and effectively with YouTube creators. While most brands look at mainly Instagram for influencer marketing, Asian Paints capitalised the power of YouTube and its creators. To break the over-cluttered sanitiser and surface disinfectant space and to leverage increased content consumption on the platform, YouTube was strategically decided as the choice.


To ramp the launch of Viroprotek, it smartly partnered with six YouTube creators across assorted categories to incorporate the Viroprotek hand sanitiser and surface disinfectant in the first 10 seconds of their videos.

Why? YouTube?

It's got the three magic words Like, Share, Subscribe!

So why not add one more to it?

The subtle brand plug-in found its bazinga moment when the YouTubers did a callout that said:

Sanitise, Like, Share, Subscribe.

Instead of taking a traditional route of product integration or tutorials, the YouTube creators integrated Viroprotek at the start of their video by introducing the products to their viewers.

Here’s a sneak peek:

YouTube Channel


Video Link

Sharmaji Technical


Captain Nick


Team Naach



Audiences behave differently on every social media platform. With users spending roughly 40 minutes a day on YouTube, the platform was key to this launch in order to access a greater audience and boost brand recognition. The activity was executed with YouTubers, including regional creators across categories such as tech, entertainment, parenting, lifestyle and comedy.

YouTubers have a very loyal fan base. Their fans engage with them in comments, watch their videos over and over again and even hit the bell icon to subscribe to them. The agency used this insight and strategically associated with creators for more than just one video. With multiple videos calling out Asian Paints Viroprotek, it was the brand and the agency’s way of running a reach and frequency campaign on YouTube.

To drive traffic to the website where viewers could place an order for the products, Kinnect not only got influencers to include Viroprotek as a recommendation but also mention product links in the video description. This ensured they increased sales via cost-per-action, as links mentioned in the description continue to generate sales well past the execution.

The campaign garnered over 104+ million impressions, 27.7+ million views and 1.1+ million engagements. Most importantly, the call-out by YouTubers, along with the links mentioned in the description, resulted in 30K+ comments and over 8k+ website visits to buy Viroprotek’s range of products.

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