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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is present in all aspects of our lives today. It is also actively being used in advertising and we have seen some stunning campaigns, for example, Cadbury's #NotjustaCadburyad. However, the big question that remains is how can brands seamlessly integrate AI when it comes to content marketing? 

According to experts, while a lot of content marketing depends on the quality of concepts and writing, AI can help elevate the idea. 

Rishabh Shekhar

Rishabh Shekhar, Co-Founder at Pepper Content said that in an era of content overload, AI plays a significant role in streamlining the content that the user is being fed.

"AI refers to machines that have the capability to mimic cognitive functions associated with the human mind. The more you use it, the more it grows on you and with you. From a content marketing perspective, AI cannot generate content but aid in building a robust content strategy while also creating more personalised content for users. The options are endless. For a futuristic marketer, AI can tremendously help in increasing revenue, reducing costs and building a massive competitive advantage," he explained. 

Ashish Seth

Ashish Seth - Creative Head, Optiminastic Media, stated that AI helps marketers save a lot of time and money. "Researching relevant and insightful content is the key to a good strategy. However, it is time-consuming. Here is where AI can help marketers with relevant suggestions and recommendations for optimisation. AI helps us make sure that the content we create is not only relevant but also hits the right audience," Seth stated.

Yorick Pinto

Citing similar views, Yorick Pinto Creative Director, BC Web Wise, stated that AI for content marketing can be used by any brand in the B2C as well as the B2B space. However, he added that for a lot of brands, investing in AI at a full-fledged level may not be feasible. He said that a lot of brands may also use it to win awards but in the end, it is the overall experience of the consumer that counts. 

He gave an example of Cadbury's campaign featuring SRK and said that while all brands don’t have the necessary resources, they can build and integrate through platforms like Siri, Alexa etc. 

Examples of AI in content marketing

Amazon recently integrated 'Alexa' in the YouTube show called ‘Social Media Star by Janice’. Alexa was integrated in a way that it appeared to be conversing with the show's guests. The campaign showed the human and conversational parts of Alexa.

Ecommerce platform Flipkart and tech brand realme also recently came up with an interactive AI campaign for the launch of realmeX7 pro phone.

Pinto of BC Web Wise further mentioned another campaign by Flipkart called 'Hagglebot' that tried to give shoppers a traditional shopping experience. As Indians love a good bargain, the campaign allowed customers to set the offer prices on their flagship sale. With the help of Google Assistant, consumers were able to 'Talk to Flipkart'. They could choose a product of the day and try to convince Assistant to give them the lowest possible price by engaging in a fun haggling round. 

According to the brand, the sale was just for five days but they received 75 days worth of bargaining footage during the period. 

Can AI help in content creation? 

As per Pinto, there have been many instances where newspaper articles are written by bots. Similarly, there are also companies which offer writing services through AI and bots. 

As per Shekhar of Pepper Content, integration of AI can also help in influencer marketing. "In this sector, AI can act as a matchmaker by identifying the right influencer and relevant content trends. You never know what content will go viral on social media. It is a process of trial and error. In this excruciating process, AI can help give direction to your thought by providing you with the information on the right demographic, what topics the algorithm is picking up etc. This information can help you in personalising your content further and increase your chances of running a successful campaign," he said. 

According to Seth of Optiminastic Media, there are numerous applications of AI in content creation. "Copywriting is a process that can be made easier with the use of AI. Recently a content creator used AI tools like DALL-E to create a video with seamless and quick transitions of her attire that would have otherwise been a tedious process and would need the help of advanced VFX. It was all made simpler and yet remained effective with the use of AI."