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Almond Solutions has announced the launch of Vingage, a hyper-local marketing platform to engage with nano-influencers. ‘Vingage’ is a mobile-first audio and video-enabled platform that connects brands with local influencers such as painters, contractors, carpenters, mechanics, drivers, plumbers, electricians and retailers to promote their businesses through them. This platform will enable companies to build a strong connection with the end customer through local influencers.

‘Vingage’ offers a multi-lingual mobile-first solution that allows both B2B and B2C organisations to interact with customers, retailers, shopkeepers, and other nano-influencers belonging to mass and niche categories. 

The platform will help brands with retail activations, channel engagement and customer education programmes. Through ‘Vingage’, brands can connect with nano-influencers through video, audio, gamification, and instant gratification, including digital wallet cash, payment vouchers, talk time or data top-ups.

Abhinav Jain, CEO and Co-Founder, Almond Solutions, said, “Vingage is a unique marketing platform because it’s internet-agnostic, and by virtue of that it can engage one billion mobile users in India. The biggest advantages of Vingage are hyper-localisation, scale-up and ROI measurement. In the digital first era, these attributes ensure brands/marketers are able to reach every socio-economic class with ease. We are extremely proud to receive positive response from brands and to date we have associated with a few big brands from the housing and home décor industry.”