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This year, Holi and Women’s Day coincided and it seemed that Women’s Day overshadowed Holi when it came to brands creating content around occasions. Just like any festive period, this year, the consumers were bombarded with Women’s Day content-led campaigns. 

The BFSI brands dominated the communications around Women’s Day by talking about breaking the stereotypes, raising financial awareness among women, and more such topics in their campaigns. 

While most of the content pieces were themed around raising awareness, women’s power, and independence, and women can do anything, Tanishq balanced the Women’s Day pressure by highlighting that women are not superwomen and it’s okay to make mistakes and lead a normal life. There were brands like Mahindra, TVS Eurogrip and Luminous that emphasised the increased participation of women in the auto, agriculture and energy sectors. 

Amid the plethora of content, has compiled a list of content pieces that stood out. 

Tanishq’s Superwoman Syndrome

Tanishq and Talented, along with Superfly Films, came up with a film which is aimed at breaking the ‘Superwoman Syndrome’. The world is not new to social empowerment narratives directed at women. The idea that a woman can do anything, has been interpreted as a woman must do everything. There's an internal and external burden of potential that women face today. Therefore, Tanishq reminded everyone that before she’s a superwoman, she’s human. And it's human to struggle and to fail.

The film:

SBI General Insurance’s digital film #NayaNazariya

SBI General Insurance unveiled a digital film #NayaNazariya, showcasing the changing notion of women’s roles and responsibilities. The film underlined the importance of financial education for women and how prioritising it can have a positive impact on families and society as a whole. The film addressed the common misconception that financial roles can only be divided based on gender. 

The film:

TVs Eurogrip Tyres Unstoppables film

TVS Eurogrip Tyres celebrated today’s women through all-women motorbike rides in Mumbai and Bengaluru and a film titled “Unstoppables”. The film features some of the women who joined the tyre manufacturer's Women’s Day ride and captures the spirit of women who love riding. These #unstoppables represent today’s strong and independent women, who get going with confidence, facing all that life throws at them along the way. The film resonates with the energy and vigour of the five passionate women bikers.  

The film:

Mahindra Tractors’ #DeshkiShakti

Mahindra Tractors’ digital film #DeshkiShakti has highlighted the role of women in farming, as successful farmers, decision-makers and entrepreneurs. #DeshkiShakti challenges gender stereotypes, through a simple narrative with a woman agri entrepreneur called ‘Shakti’, a young vibrant and confident woman farmer, who helps raise awareness about the stereotypes around women and their contribution to Indian agriculture.

The film:

Motilal Oswal Financial Services ‘Puch Ke Toh Dekho’ campaign

Motilal Oswal Financial Services launched "Puch Ke Toh Dekho" campaign. MOFSL is igniting a conversation around the role of women in finance and investment. The campaign raises a vital question: "When we turn to women for everything, why not turn to them for investments too?" Despite the many achievements of women across various fields, they are still not commonly sought out for investment advice. The "Puch Ke Toh Dekho" campaign is a reflection of society and aims to create awareness around the importance of women's roles in finance and investment. Motilal Oswal is also putting the spotlight on its women employees with a series of "Finspiration" videos. These videos showcase their employees' achievements, stories, and contributions to the company's success, highlighting their strengths and resilience.

The content:

Tetley Green Tea’s #everyBODYcan campaign

Tetley Green Tea Immune’s campaign called out stereotypes often associated with the fitness of a person based on their body type and narrated a compelling story that focuses on challenging these stereotypes. The film emphasised that you are more than your body type and that external appearance is not necessarily an indicator of your fitness. It encourages women to look beyond ‘surface-level’ fitness and embrace their body type while working on staying fit inside out. The Tetley film showcases slice-of-life moments when real relatable women of different ages and body types surprise the judging eyes of onlookers, with what they are capable of doing. 

The film:

The video ‘The Right Answer’ is their effort towards urging people to celebrate ambitions equally.

You can watch the video here:

 Aditya Birla Group’s ‘The Right Answer’ campaign

The company’s ‘The Right Answer’ campaign revealed the many preconceived biases women face for displaying passion and ambition. ‘The Right Answer’, challenged the perspective of accepting a man’s ambition to be an accomplishment and a woman’s success simply an accessory in her life. 

The film:

Zee Sarthak’s film on overcoming domestic abuse

The Odia channel Zee Sarthak highlighted one of the most pressing issues surrounding women. In association with its creative partner L&K Saatchi & Saatchi, it launched an integrated campaign that highlighted the rampant domestic abuse witnessed by housewives in India. The channel shared a story from the POV of a child. The film shows a classroom setting where children are seen engaging in a drawing session. While the teacher is seen encouraging the children on their creative interpretation, she happens to come across one such drawing that shows Maa Durga being attacked by Mahishasura. Taken aback, she questions the child that this is not what transpires but the reality is another way round where Mahishasura is defeated by Maa Durga. The child replies saying that while this may be the case, it is not what transpires at his home where his mother is subjected to constant domestic abuse. 

The film:

SuperBottoms’ campaign #QuitTheGuilt

The objective of the brand’s campaign is to invite women to quit feeling guilty, express their emotions, and encourage other women to voice their guilt. The short video brings together women from different generations to express their guilt and the change they would bring to themselves. The campaign brings to light the journey of self-criticism that women of today experience throughout their lifespans and the need to #QuitTheGuilt. In the video, 7 women/girls boldly share their experiences. From feeling responsible for being eve-teased to becoming a mother, they are always prone to guilt because of the pre-conditioning of always fitting into set boxes.

The film -

Luminous’ campaign #WomenInEnergy

The lack of female representation in the energy sector has been recognised as a global issue, and India is no exception. Women in the energy sector in India have encountered numerous challenges, including cultural biases, limited opportunities, and insufficient access to training and education. To address this issue and promote gender equality in the energy industry, Luminous launched the campaign #WomenInEnergy, for International Women's Day. The centrepiece of the campaign is a digital film that tells the inspiring story of Baburi Sirisha, the first-line woman in India, who overcame barriers and broke the glass ceiling to make her mark in the energy sector. 

The film:

Center Fresh #SochKaroFresh campaign

Center Fresh launched #SochKaroFresh initiative to celebrate the fresh perspective on women breaking into male bastions. The brand has released a song #SochKaroFresh which recognises their fresh approach and formidable voices. The rap song features women including Laxmi Kumar, an auto driver in Mumbai, Karishma Kadam - Trainer and Athlete, Muscle Blaze and employees of Perfetti Van Melle India. The song applauds the determination of these women who did not let their professional calling be hindered by stereotypical expectations levied on women. 

The song:

WorkIndia’s #WomenofToday campaign

To commemorate the occasion of International Women’s Day, WorkIndia, the blue and grey collared recruitment platform, launched its digital first campaign #WomenofToday.

The campaign aims to dispel the stereotypical and archaic imagery of the depiction of modern women, which is largely associated only with celebrities and otherwise disregarded to women daily.

The film: