Animeta drives 53% subscribers & 25% revenue growth for its 110+ exclusive YouTubers in Q2

The creator tech company cumulatively has an audience base of 220 million+ subscribers generating 3 billion+ monthly views

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Animeta, the creator tech company has onboarded over 110+ YouTubers hailing from various niches.

The creator tech company now reaches 110 Billion+ cumulatively, with an audience of 220 Million+ subscribers and generating 3 Billion+ monthly views.

Animeta said that last quarter, the cumulative growth of subscribers stood at 53%, the revenue increased by 25% and total views jumped by 44%.

Animeta has strategically diversified its presence across 10+ creator categories, catering to a diverse range of interests including Travel, Vlogging, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Cooking, Automotive, Entertainment, Gaming, Comedy, Tech, and Education/Infotainment.

Among the top-tier YouTubers on the Animeta roster are the SIT, FoodieWe, Chotu Ki Super Comedy, Ajay Chopra, Sobit Tamang, Kanika Rana Vlogs, Himbus, Neetu Bisht, Poonam Bisht, Rohan Travel Stories, Sarpmitra Akash Jadhav, Kaal YT, NSB Pictures, Shilpa Chaudary, Distance Between, Shape Up Your Life, Vivek Verma Shorts.

Devdatta Potnis, CEO, Animeta, said, “Our mission at Animeta it to further the vision of democratization which YouTube has had for the Creator Economy and make it even more accessible for smaller, even regional creators such that more and more individual creators can take benefit and grow their content business, in a sustained & consistent manner; with the Animeta Creator Partnership program.”

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