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These days a lot of brands are creating user-generated content on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram to increase engagement with consumers. Most of the time, there are offers such as discounts, coupons and contests to incentivise consumers to post content using the brand campaign hashtags. In the process, many times, a lot of users, just to earn the incentive, post content completely unrelated to the campaign proposition. Some users even use the brand hashtags just because they find it trending on social media. All this impacts the quality of content and dilutes the whole point of having UGC.

For example, if a brand is campaigning around a very serious matter and generating UGC around it, a consumer might post something really funny or unrelatable using the brand's campaign hashtag, which was initially created to talk about something serious. The case can also be vice versa. This kind of UGC behaviour causes a lot of spillages of the brand's marketing spends while they are finding ways and means for targeted communication so that there is the least wastage of money.

But Pankaj Duhan, Chief Marketing Officer, RB Health South Asia, is not much deterred by these kinds of challenges. He is all right with the spillage and said, “If you genuinely want to have a conversation with consumers, one needs to lose a little bit of control and also be okay with losing the control. Not every conversation is going to be according to our liking but that is the meaning of having a conversation. If I want to have everything in my control, I will only do a 30-second commercial and be happy with that.”

Yesterday, Reckitt Benckiser announced the launch of the Diclofenac range of pain relief brand, Moov Advance Gel, yesterday. For the new product offering, the brand has been creating a lot of buzz on social media with its campaign #MakeYourMove and aligned it with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision of ensuring a fit India.

As part of the campaign, a lot of bloggers and social media influencers were roped in to promote the initiative. The focus has been kept on fetching more and more consumer engagement around the launch campaign. The brand managed to get more than three billion user-generated content pieces in 72 hours only on TikTok itself.

Duhan said overall, RB is very bullish on the digital medium for most of its portfolio. The brand has used digital and social media for a lot of its brands like Dettol, co-created with moms and Durex Mutual Climax.

Explaining the reason behind the aligning the campaign with the Prime Minister's Fit India movement, Duhan said, “The brand wants to make India more pain-free. The first step to make India pain-free is a preventative solution. If we have healthier lifestyles, take out time for exercise, it will prevent a lot of pain. Before you get into medicated solutions for pain problems, you should look into preventative measures. Fit India movement is a fantastic initiative that encourages people to be more fit and healthy.”

Duhan believes the launch will be a huge success as it tackles real consumer needs. Most of the brands in the category have been creating communication around women in families with muscular pain problems. For this new offering from RB, the brand has come up with an offering on the lines of lifestyle-related problems in today's day and age.

Duhan added, “Moov has been India's trusted number one pain relief brand since 1986, helping Indians deal with their back pain. With the changing lifestyle choices, there was a need for a more targeted solution that helps with chronic pains occurring due to the sedentary and inactive regimes people follow. To promote an active lifestyle, we started the #MakeYourMoov challenge. The challenge forms a natural extension of the Fit India Movement launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last month. The product is designed to tackle lifestyle pains. Through the campaign, we are trying to encourage India to bring about smaller changes in their everyday life that will impact their overall health in the long run. And when all else fails, use Moov.”