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Stok, a beer brand which predominantly caters to the GenZ audience in Delhi, UP, Assam, Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Kerala amongst others, has launched its first YouTube-based content IP- Stok Laughter Brewery.

Aimed at giving the perfect 'Unwinding beer' experience and a chill time to its viewers, the new IP consists of a series of stand-up comedy pieces from Anirban Dasgupta, Karunesh Talwar, Aditya Gundeti, Govind Menon, Siddhartha Shetty, Rivu Ganguli, Nitin Mandal and Andy Reghu.

As per Stok, the brand’s overall idea is to champion the ‘Chill’ spirit and promote a relaxed lifestyle and encourage enjoyment whilst offering products and experiences that enhance life's simple pleasures.

“In simpler terms, STOK ‘N CHILL is a form of lifestyle that infuses an attitude of chill in everyday routine, effortlessly,” the brand mentions on its official YouTube handle.

Launch video:

The brand has already taken live the very first episode of its comedy content IP which is part of its larger beer-infused comedy revolution on YouTube. The 9-minute video showcases Dasgupta touching upon a slew of things ranging from nepotism in Bollywood to conjunctions in Mumbai.

Anirban Dasgupta’s standup comedy video: