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This festive season, Bikano is set to celebrate the spirit of togetherness and acceptance with a film in honour of Diwali.

The new initiative aims to promote the invaluable act of adoption.

In the film, a young girl, happily engrossed in the creation of a Rangoli with her mother, is visited by a family friend who commends the seamless integration of the adopted child into their family. The moment culminates in an exchange, where the mother reaffirms that bonds are forged not by blood, but by the depth of shared emotions—a sentiment mirrored in the ageless tale of Yashoda and Kanha (Krishna).

The film ends with a message, ‘Is Diwali Khusiyon Ke Saath Saath, Achi Soch Bhi Baato’.

Manish Aggarwal, Director, Bikano, Bikanervala Foods, said, "We believe that family is bound by love and compassion, transcending biological ties. This Diwali, Bikano endeavors to inspire the spirit of adoption and acceptance, emphasising that it is our hearts that define our connections. The story of Yashoda and Kanha reminds us that love knows no bounds, and it is this very love that we aim to celebrate and foster this festive season,"

To further champion the cause of adoption, Bikano invites everyone to show their support by simply giving a missed call to 970-970-5100. For every call received, the brand pledges to contribute an equivalent sum to an orphanage.

Kush Aggarwal, Head of Marketing, Bikano, said, "At Bikano, we understand that true family is created through bonds of the heart. This Diwali, as we unveil our heartwarming TVC, we encourage everyone to join hands with us in spreading not only happiness but also the invaluable message of acceptance and love through adoption. Every child deserves a loving home, and it is our collective responsibility to ensure they find it. I believe it's our duty to use our platform to promote initiatives that make a positive impact. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these young souls, and that is a cause worth celebrating".

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