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Starting with a challenge from hair removal brand Bombay Shaving Company in which it invited actor Shakti Kapoor to try out their new Back and Chest Shaver - Backpro – has eventually turned into a memorable reveal video, with honest confessions from the actor.

The video has the actor sharing his lifelong experiences with body hair. 

“In baalon ne toh mujhe meme bana ke rakh diya tha,” Kapoor says in one segment of the interview. 

"I'm always up for a fun challenge. When the Bombay Shaving Company team came to me with it, I immediately said let's do it. I’ve always been known for my macho image and comic timing, so the product and the idea deeply resonated with me. I decided to give it my all", said Kapoor. 

Shakti Kapoor’s video post on Instagram:

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The video created a lot of buzz since it was first unveiled. In addition to Bollywood insiders posting about it, pictures of Kapoor’s popular poses resurfaced across the internet. 

Shantanu Deshpande, Founder and CEO, Bombay Shaving Company, said, “We’re so happy Mr Shakti Kapoor agreed to do this for us. When entertaining personalities like him share their personal experiences in such a delightful way, coupled with our efforts to make innovative hair removal products - magic happens!” 

Kapoor's real and dramatized experiences have been woven together in the film by writer-director, Adhiraj Sharma and creative producer Mohak Pajni of Leap of Faith Productions.

The film also stars veteran actor Atul Parchure who plays Kapoor’s manager and provides material for many laughs in the video.