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Book My Makeup has introduced AI-driven platform to help salons and makeup artists connect with clients.

“Book My Makeup is not just a scheduling tool; it is a driving force behind the modernisation of the beauty industry. By embracing technology and prioritising the needs of both clients and salons, makeup artists, this app is contributing to the evolution of beauty services, making them more accessible, personalised, and enjoyable for everyone involved,” said the company statement.

Book My Makeup introduces features like augmented reality makeup trials, virtual consultations, and customised beauty recommendations, making beauty services more engaging, personalised, and convenient for users.

“In the evolving landscape of beauty, we believe in the power of technology to transform not just appearances but the entire beauty experience. At Book My Makeup, we are not just innovators; we are enablers of self-expression and creativity, connecting makeup artists and clients in a seamless, tech-driven journey of beauty and empowerment” commented Umesh Madan, CEO, Book My Makeup. The app creates a vibrant community by integrating social features. Clients can share their makeup transformations on app directly, creating a space for beauty enthusiasts to connect, inspire, and support each other. Makeup artists can also leverage these features to broaden their reach and attract new clients.