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Muskan Chanchlani, a lifestyle content creator who started her journey on YouTube, believes that paid partnerships are a give-and-take situation that benefits both brands and creators if done in a balanced way.

However, she also emphasised on the importance of brands granting content creators some freedom while incorporating their message.

In the fourth episode of 'Spotlight', interacted with Chanchlani who revealed her initiation to the role of a content creator, and about her journey till date, in detail.

“I underwent a transformation from being a tomboyish girl to becoming someone who is passionate about makeup and skincare. Recognising that many young women may not know where to start in their beauty journey, I began watching YouTube videos at the age of 13 and became captivated by beauty content,” Chanchlani said during the episode.

“I initially started my journey as a content creator on YouTube, as it was a more significant platform than Instagram at that time. My unique perspective allowed me to connect with audiences of my age group,” she added. 

Speaking about how brands and creators should work together while doing paid partnerships, she stated, “When a brand provides a script, it can be challenging to work around it. At the same time, creators should be more receptive to incorporating the brand's message into their work, recognising that the brand is paying for their services. It's a give-and-take situation that benefits both parties."  

Chanchlani also said that rather than solely focusing on the number of views and clicks, brands should also evaluate whether the creator's work aligns with their quality and purpose.