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Storytelling gives power to brands to connect with consumers at an emotional level. Therefore, Mother’s Day becomes an important occasion for brands to put their best foot forward when it comes to creative storytelling. Like every year, this year too, brands celebrated the sacrifices a mother makes, her selfless love and how she manages work-life balance through short videos. takes a look at the Mother’s Day campaigns that touched our hearts this year.

Catch Salts & Spices video ‘#MaakaEhsaas’ 

DS Group’s Catch Salts and Spices launched a new campaign titled ‘#MaakaEhsaas’, an extension of their core proposition “Kyunki Khana Sirf Khana Nahi Hota”.

Over the years we have seen mothers sacrifice childcare and take up jobs far away from their children to ensure a better future for their family. Catch Spices depicted a story portraying a truly unique facet of motherhood, where a mother distances herself from her daughter to protect her from her own life’s hardships.

The film shows the mother lovingly cooking and secretly delivering food every day to her daughter, Nimmi, at an orphanage.

The campaign is conceptualised by Grapes and produced by The Titus Upputuru Company.

Odomos urges society to #GiveMomAHand 

The campaign developed by the agency Adfactors PR drove a positive message of enabling mothers through collective societal efforts. The campaign urged viewers to not just appreciate mothers but to actively support them and #GiveMomAHand. Let moms be able to count on all of us just like #MomsCountOnOdomosforever.

The ad film captured a  monologue by a kid where he expressed his gratitude for all that his mother does yet recognises that she needs helping hands too. He adorably demands everyone in the house to support her by saying "sab milkar kaam ka dhyan rakhenge,". The need for a social support system for mothers is highlighted through this campaign.

Amazon miniTV’s Mother’s Day initiative with Meta 

Amazon miniTV in collaboration with Meta launched a new campaign that showcases different aspects of motherhood through a unique and playful approach, using popular mom dialogues.

The campaign rephrases the iconic dialogue ‘Tu Jaanta Nahi Mera Baap Kaun Hai’ to ‘Tu Jaanta Nahi Meri Maa Kaun Hai’. And, this indeed evokes a sense of gratitude, inspiration, and admiration for mothers.

With this insight, the campaign seeks to spotlight the positivity of moms and highlight various shades of a mother's personality, from sassy to supportive, and many more.

The campaign kicked off with talented artists from the Amazon miniTV universe, including Aadhya Anand, Vishesh Bansal, Revathi Pillai, Naman Jain, Arjun Deswal, Chirag Katrecha, and Anupriya Caroli, sharing reel versions featuring their sassy, cool, and supportive moms. The campaign’s core messaging was further established through collaborations with Meta Creators, such as Saloni Gaur, who shared their own versions of the reels using a special filter curated with a ‘Tu Jaanta Nahi Meri Maa Kaun Hai’ unit.

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SBI Life’s film: 

One of the biggest challenges for mothers is choosing between their responsibilities towards their children and family or pursuing their passions. However, modern motherhood has evolved to embrace both aspects without seeing them as mutually exclusive. This Mother's Day, SBI Life recognised the new-age mothers who courageously pursue their dreams while simultaneously taking care of their loved ones.
Through its latest digital campaign, SBI Life paid tribute to the new-age mothers who explore solo trips with their children. The campaign aims at putting these extraordinary brave mothers in spotlight, who are chasing their dreams while keeping their kids' and loved ones’ well-being in mind. 

Zomato launches Mazato

Zomato changed its brand name to ‘Mazoto’, in a video, to reiterate the fact that "’Ma’ always comes first." The video depicted a food delivery platform that was created exclusively by mothers. The interface depicted in the video looks and works almost like Zomato, except that everything is Mo(m)dified - with promo codes such as ‘CLEANROOM25’ for 25% OFF and a minimum number of rotis (always more than one). Zomato also introduced a feature called "ChildGPT" to take customers on an emotional journey for May 14. Customers were asked three questions in order to make a drawing and a short poem from the viewpoint of a toddler.    

Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance’s #ZindagiUnlimited

The brand’s film captures the unstoppable spirit of mothers in protecting their children’s dreams and aspirations and enabling a #ZindagiUnlimited. This film is the first among a series of Claims Stories that the life insurer intends on capturing to showcase the human and real-life impact of life insurance claims.

The film captures a true story of an Edelweiss Tokio Life customer who had to take charge of the household and business after her husband’s death. While a life insurance claim enabled financial continuity, she had to overcome several day-to-day challenges to ensure her limitations don’t become her child’s limitations and he can continue to live #ZindagiUnlimited.

MTR Foods’ film depicts the emotional bond between a mother and her child

The film conceptualised and executed by Scrambled Egg Productions is based on the insight that a mother’s food is always made with the irreplaceable, special ingredient of love.  The film is set as a social experiment where MTR tests this out with three young children. They are given a variety of food options and asked to identify the dish made by their mother. Each child has a unique experience - one recognizes a heart-shaped idli, the second a soft and delicious gulab jamun and the third identifies the taste of his mother's sambar.

Fabindia celebrates the joy of becoming a mother

The beauty of becoming a mother for the first time can occasionally be rather overwhelming. However, these moments of self-doubt that things might go awry wither away when the baby looks up and smiles.

With motherhood also comes the unequivocal support of the family that surrounds them in comfort and love that lasts a lifetime.

With the same thought in mind, Fabindia shared a heartwarming message via a digital film to celebrate the memorable experience of first-time motherhood.

It recognises the small gestures around new mothers that make the journey easier to sail through and then shares a key message – it's not just about celebrating a day in her life but making every day through the years matter. The film beautifully captures the journey of a young woman who embraces the ups and downs of first-time motherhood with the support and guidance of her loved ones. 

Senco Gold & Diamonds’ ‘Nazar Na Lage’

The campaign focuses on how different generations of mothers go through the unique journey starting with motherhood and continuing with the upbringing of their children despite societal challenges. The brand film highlights the stories and varied experiences of mothers, belonging to three different generations yet connected through the unique bond of mutual support and understanding, which only a mother can have. 

McDonald’s India celebrates the spirit of motherhood beyond mothers

McDonald’s India – North and East’s campaign celebrated the selfless spirit of motherhood. It recognised the unsung heroes who, despite not being mothers in relation, make countless sacrifices and work tirelessly to ensure a comfortable life for the younger ones in their lives.

The video starts with the message “Maa ke ehsaas ke liye, maa hona zaroori nahi”. It depicts a young man sitting at a McDonald’s outlet, fondly and nostalgically scanning old pictures of him and his elder sister. He is shown waiting for his sister whose unwavering dedication and love helped him get through the ups and downs in life. In one scene, the sister is seen treating his little brother to a Happy Meal, which is a favourite amongst kids and is a happy memory of childhood for many young adults today. Fast forward to today, tables turn, and the brother is now ready to treat his sister to a Happy Meal, lighting up her face as tears of joy flow from her eyes.