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During the pandemic, when everybody was confined to their homes and felt immensely bored, one of the major sources of entertainment for many was watching content creators on social media. The content creation space thrived during that time, while several other industries struggled. 

One such creator, whose content evolved during the pandemic, is Leisha Patidar. Patidar started making reels for fun, which actually worked out for her and some of the before-and after transition reels created by her went viral during the aforementioned period.

In Episode 3 of 'Spotlight' interacted with Patidar - a lifestyle content creator. She emphasised on the fact that it’s crucial for a content creator to have a loyal community for long-term success.

“By the time I hit 100k followers on Instagram I didn't even know that creators get paid for collaborations with various brands. I didn't know that the term 'content creation' exists. So, initially I used to make videos just for fun. It was later when I realised that it is actually a career and I should focus on it,” Patidar said during the episode. 

While speaking about paid collaborations, Patidar said that she generally chooses the brands keeping in mind what her audience wants.

“I am a lifestyle creator so I will promote beauty products but I do not want people to buy random stuff. So, I use the products for a while before I start promoting them. I do not collaborate with brands if I don't like the products myself,” she added.

Patidar believes that it is crucial for a creator to establish a robust niche and audience, and to cultivate a loyal community. By building a strong following and gaining their support, creators can ensure that their audience remains committed and engaged over time.

“My audience loves my content even if it is some branded content. I know how to put up my branded content eventually because I do not want my audience to just skip it. So, I really make sure it gels up with the whole vibe of my account (Instagram),” she added.