's influencer base soars 1200% post-free access for brands and agencies

ClanConnect said that its overall user base has also grown by over 400%, from 31,769 in July 2022 to 1,75,560 in July 2023

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Since the time the influencer marketing platform has become free of cost for brands and agencies, its influencer base has increased by 1200%, growing from 2784 in the first 21 months of its inception to 37,096 in just one year.

The platform said that the platform has garnered 1000 paid subscribers since it introduced its subscription-based influencer marketplace. Its overall user base has also grown by over 400%, from 31,769 in July 2022 to 1,75,560 in July 2023.

In a span of 12 months, the platform has witnessed the brand/agency/talent partners increase from 396 to 4,183 – demonstrating a 956% jump.

“In the first 21 months of its inception, ClanConnect assimilated 19,351 new users on its website. In the 12 months since its pivot, this figure has also grown by almost 750%, reaching a significant 1,64,528,” the ClanConnect statement read.

The platform further shared that during the 12 months following its revamp, over 200 briefs have been posted on ClanConnect, and around 5000 influencers have participated in these active campaigns.  

Sagar Pushp, CEO and Co-Founder, ClanConnect, said, “India is poised to reach 100 million creators by next year as per recent reports, and this number already stands at 80 million. Rapidly capturing a major chunk of this addressable market, ClanConnect is looking forward to emerging as the go-to platform for brands and influencers by addressing every possible problem and touchpoint in this value chain. With incremental growth numbers, steadily increasing gross margins, and strong traction in the market, we are geared up for hypergrowth over the next few years.”

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