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As lingerie brand Clovia seeks to expand its market footprint, it is planning to focus more on video content and launch digital short films made by its customers.

Rajeshwar Rao

“Video is a great way to engage with our customers and it is growing as a medium for us. We are working on a video campaign on digital media wherein we will have our customers participate by uploading their short films. While we will also do generic content, we will focus more on video. We have 200 plus influencers now, who upload video content on social media platforms.They do shopping-haul YouTube videos and offer coupons to their subscribers, which is getting very good traction for us,” said Rajeshwar Rao, VP, Digital Marketing, Clovia.

Clovia’s most successful content initiative is the one with stand-up comedian Neeti Palta, which garnered around 1 million views. The brand will also continue its partnership with her and look for more content on the similar lines.

Clovia has always stayed away from the capital-intensive TV advertising and kept its ad campaigns digitally focused.

Digital media has helped the brand to ease the discomfort around lingerie. In such a scenario, content marketing has emerged to be a perfect solution for the brand. They write content to spread awareness, clear queries and boost women’s confidence through their website’s section called ‘Magazine.’ 4% of the overall sales come from conversion on this blog.

“Content marketing is quite important for this category because people don’t talk about lingerie; it is still taboo. When you provide informative content like ‘how to find the right bra for every body type’, the engagement is very high. We get decent ROI as well and after reading content, the impact is long-lasting. Content’s reachability is also higher than an ad,” said Rao.

Rao believes in doing the type of content that is easily trackable and Facebook communities have helped him to not only track the content but reach the perfect target audience for its website. It remains to be one of the important strategies for Clovia.

“We have collaborated with mom communities on Facebook, which are highly active; they are also a perfect TG for us. We have contacted them through various contests and topical posts, which proved to be engaging for our brand,” he said.