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In the second episode of's video series 'Spotlight', we interacted with content creator Gopali Tiwari, who takes us through her journey and unique content styling.

Tiwari makes content on a variety of topics with an aim to engage the audience and get them hooked on her stylised offerings.

Reminiscing about her early days, Tiwari said, "I was the first one who gradually brought 24-hour challenge videos in India. I didn't even have any idea that content creation can be used as a source of income."

She also spoke about how content creators are finding numerous opportunities as brands increasingly focus on them for promotions and collaborations.

"It is unimaginable how influencers are even doing movie promotions now. We couldn't even think of this five to seven years ago. So, it's a very evolving world," she added. 

Tiwari also spoke about the two-way process of deciding the kinds of topics she touches upon in her videos on Instagram.

'Spotlight' is a brand-new series by that aims to take the audience on a behind-the-scenes journey into the world of their favourite content creators.

We catch up with content creators from a wide range of categories, including legal, fashion and lifestyle, and more.

In each episode, we delve deep into their unique style of content creation, their strategy behind selecting brands for endorsements, their experiences with brand collaborations, and more such interesting topics.

Our interviews with these talented individuals also uncover the challenges they face while creating the kind of content they make.

Whether you're a content creator yourself or simply a fan of the art form, 'Spotlight' is your chance to gain invaluable insight into the nitty-gritty of content creation from some of the famous digital creators.