Content marketing in lock screen advertising- How big can the market get?

Experts say the only way to explore the full potential of lock screen mediums is to make them more engaging and interactive

Nisha Qureshi
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Over the past few months, lock screen advertising has caught the marketers' attention. Platforms like Glance are helping brands turn a consumer’s locked screen into an interactive space with tailored and targeted content. Moreover, brands like MI and Samsung have their own interactive lock screens that are being utilised by brands. 

According to Glance, consumers unlock their phones at least 70 times a day and consume content on their lock screen 9 out of 10 times, or 63-65 times in a day. 

However, with audiences getting exposed to content throughout the day via phones, social media etc, there are always chances of them getting annoyed or overwhelmed by the content. spoke to experts in the lock screen space to understand how the space can be navigated. As per them, marketers should focus on making the space ‘content-driven’ rather than bombarding the viewers with ads. 

Krishal Mehta

According to Krishal Mehta, VP-Media, BC Web Wise, lock screens present an attention-grabbing opportunity with zero distractions. He also said that lock screens can become the first-point of user interaction. 

“Content with visuals is the most crucial thing here. The actual power is in users' hands, so if they find it distracting, they can opt out of the service. The ads served are more visually rich which actually grabs the users' attention. It is like a virtual gateway or sneak peek into a brand's website,” he added. 

Abdul Saud Siddique

Abdul Saud Siddique, Alliance and Partnership Manager at Optiminastic Media, said that brands have the chance of getting noticed by consumers even before they unlock their phones through the lock screens. 

He said lock screens should talk about the consumer’s interests and preferences. “While the feature is making some audiences stay on their lock screen, some people find it distracting and turn it off,” he explained. 

Speaking about how they are navigating the space, Siddique stated that they focus on being visible and making sure the content reaches its target.


Amitt Sharma

On the other hand, Amitt Sharma, Founder and CEO, VDO.AI, said that over-targeting and ad saturation can lead to damaging people’s trust in brands. “This space should be used mindfully to attract customers and ensure they are not annoyed or overwhelmed. By balancing niche targeting capabilities with mass marketing tactics, brands can provide an integrated experience. Therefore, they must smartly incorporate ads in sync with what consumers actually expect or want to see instead of using forced ad promotions which may push the customers away.”

How are brands using lock screens? 

It’s not just visuals that are attracting consumers. Brands are making use of video games, Gifs, and videos to engage audiences. According to Glance’s ‘Lock Screen Trends Report, 2022’, “More than 12.5 million users watched live game streaming on their lock screen between December 2021 and February 2022. Users also love influencer live streams, including paid masterclasses, ticketed live shows, music concerts, stand-up and fashion shows on Glance.”

The report also said that entertainment commerce through lock screens has grown. Glance showcases live shopping, through Roposo on the consumer’s screens. 

“Businesses and brands find a home on Glance. The lock screen inspires, instead of interrupts, turning millions of lock screens across the world into a steady stream of content our users care for. Marketing and advertising decisions can be personalised to a deeper degree, with content exclusively created for those with their eyes locked on to the lock screen.”

“Ultimately, a user’s Glance feed is a snapshot of what gives them joy – the imagination, authenticity, and immediacy of the people behind the content,” said Bikash Chowdhury, Chief Marketing Officer at Glance, on a concluding note.

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