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Momspresso, the content platform for moms, is eyeing to increase its annual revenue to Rs 150 crore in the next three years.

Momspresso claims to have 15 million traffic as against three million last year and plans to reach 100 million by 2021.

Prashant Sinha

Prashant Sinha, Chief Operating Officer, Momspresso, said, “In next three years, we plan to reach 100 million in terms of traffic, which is the total number of women (above 25 years of age) on the internet right now. We are already profitable and targeting annual revenue of Rs 150 crore by 2021. We have been growing more than 3X (YoY). Currently, the traffic on the website stands at 15 million per month, with close to 70% repeat visitors.”

Momspresso was started as a listing platform for kids’ services eight years ago, initially known as After rebranding, it started as a parenting platform but now has become all-moms content platform and covers the aspects of parenting as well as beauty, entertainment, lifestyle and health.

Commenting on the rebranding, Sinha said, “Today what Zomato is for restaurants, we were for kids’ services initially. Over a period of time, we realised that even as visitors were finding huge value, they were not coming back after they found the answer to their queries. At the end, we decided to morph it into a content platform for mothers by mothers. We look at both the sides of a mom – a mom being a woman and a mom being a mother of a baby.”

Growth driven by languages and regional content

Started in English in 2015, the platform is now present in multiple languages, including Hindi, Bangla, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.

Sinha sees huge scope in the growth of regional languages, mostly in Hindi and Bangla, while not a single piece of content is being translated from English to Hindi. He said, “90% of our traffic was coming from metros, but with the launch of Hindi, the traffic in Hindi content overtook English. Lucknow became our second best city after Delhi. 30% of all the Lucknow mothers visit our site every month. After that, we focused on Bangla and Kolkata is in the top five cities for us. Dhaka is among the top 20 cities.”

He said, “Till about last year, brands were not so gung-ho about regional content but now digital plus regional has become a premium model.”

Focus on user-generated content

90% of the platform content is user-generated with over 7,000 mom bloggers contributing up to 200 pages of long-format content and 60-80 short-format stories every day.

Sinha added, “We have more than 50,000 blogs and add 8-10 bloggers every day while we reject 8-10 bloggers every day. None of these bloggers are paid. Only when they write for brands, they are paid. On the basis of the views and engagement at their blogs, the bloggers are ranked and the top 300 bloggers are contacted for writing.”

Keeping the authenticity of the content intact, Momspresso uses technology to keep a check on plagiarised content. Every piece of content goes through a curation process.

Talking about Momspresso’s uniqueness, Sinha said that most of the websites are either parenting, women sites and are pure-play editorial, i.e. 90% of their content is written by their own team. Momspresso’s content is mostly user-generated. “The next big competition,, has three million traffic and we have 14 million. Also, none of these are in vernacular languages or have videos,” added Sinha.

Content marketing fuelling revenue growth

Momspresso has the following revenue streams:

Insight platform: The brands use it to conduct research with mothers, both online and offline for testing their new communication. A recent example is All Out #ToughMoms.

Video production: TVC quality digital films are created for the brands. The company has recently launched Momspresso TV, dedicated to mothers, which already has a repository of over 500 videos.

On-ground activation: Helping brand to drive the consumer to the e-commerce platforms.

Content marketing: Content marketing contributes to the platform’s 45% of the revenue and has to offer blogs, videos, infographic, posts for brands and voice content as part of their content marketing services.

Sinha said, “Essentially, we are targeting the marketing pie of the brand managers, their research budget, production budget, media budget, activation budget and e-commerce budget.”

Currently, Momspresso works with close to 70 brands, including Unilever, P&G, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson with most of them on an annual contract. The content platform aims to work with over 250 brands in the next three years.

The team at Momspresso comprises 75 people, out of which 70% are moms.

A lot of multinational brands have also launched their own blogs and communities as part of their content marketing strategy. For example, MamyPoko’s #SheCaresSheShares community for mothers. Does it form any sort of threat to online parenting and mothers-targeted content platforms?

Sinha said, “Building a community is not easy. We took eight years to reach here. For an example, HUL created such a platform called ‘Be Beautiful’ seven years ago. And still, they have 10% organic traffic while 90% is paid, which is exactly opposite to us. For brands to create and run a community, you have to have a content mindset. Even if they hire an agency for this, we have not seen them succeeding well.”