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(Left) Tarun Katial and Kulbir Sachdev (Right)

coto – a social community platform by women, for women, built on web3 principles has partnered with Voxxy Media- an influencer management agency - that will help the platform expand its community of female content creators, by helping them strategise and create content and monetise it well.

Along with building a large pool of female content creators, the association will also address the challenges that women creators face in today’s global influencer landscape, such as burnout, lack of shared value creation, slow growth and struggle to get noticed or engagement on their profiles. With this partnership, women creators will get access to fair and equitable opportunities on coto.

Tarun Katial, Founder and CEO, coto, said, “One of the key components of coto is shared ownership and shared value creation. Creators’ ability to monetise and create shared value is quite limited on social media platforms. Solving the monetisation problem, the creators will be given an equal opportunity to create long-term value for themselves on coto. In our journey to build a community for women, we found out that influencer marketing agencies have done a wonderful job of creating an aggregation of creators from various hues. These agencies have been able to support and handhold creators on an ongoing basis. I realised that by partnering with influencer marketing agencies, we can have a more organised way of working with these creators.”

He further said, “One of our go-to-market strategies is to make creators attract other creators to the platform and have shared value too. Our partnership with Voxxy Media does just that. It will help us onboard creators from different genres and geographies, and handhold them to create content and communities on the platform. This way, the influencer agencies also get shared ownership and become shared value-creation partners in the long-term in the ecosystem. We have built our tokenism model keeping agencies in mind. We do long-term partnerships with agencies who work with a long tail of creators, build strategies for them, monetise their communities through brand partnerships and commerce and create a sustainable ecosystem for themselves, us and creators on the blockchain.”

coto is designed to reward influencers by allowing them to participate in token deals. This incentivises influencers to create high-quality content and engage with their followers on coto. coto has a robust token economy, where users can earn and spend tokens within the platform. This allows for a more dynamic and engaged community and new revenue streams for creators. coto utilises non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to recognise and reward users for their contributions to the community.

Women can create their own online public and/or private communities on the app, share video, audio and text content, and interact freely with their peers. Members can discover the communities easily and join them to network, discuss topics that interest them, and learn from one another.

Having a presence in eight countries gives Voxxy Media a chance to work with 500+ brands across the board. As per Kulbir Sachdev, Founder and CEO, Voxxy Media, this platform will help his roster of brands with an engaged and targeted community of women and also ensure proper monetisation of the agency’s female content creators.

He said, “We are both a creator and brand-first agency. Brands are always on the lookout for a safe, unique platform which gives targeted organic engagement. This partnership will be beneficial for our brands and creators. coto provides a very safe platform for women creators. They can monetise their content well and also build communities.”

While there are 100s of influencer marketing agencies, coto chose to work with Voxxy Media because Katial believes that the agency is a very good partner in creating a transparent, trustworthy ecosystem.

He added, “They are also well-networked in the creator ecosystem. Their ability to educate creators around shared ownership and shared value creation helps us reach out to a large set of creators in a short period of time and mutually build value for all of us. Their presence in South-East Asia will help us in the long run as we expand.”

Earlier last year, coto partnered with Collective Artists Network’s BigBang.Social (BBS) to help nurture the entrepreneurial aspirations of women creators. As part of the partnership, creators are offered paid communities, paid content, live commerce, social commerce and merchandising on the platform.

Earlier this year, coto expanded its partnership with Collective Artists Network to explore the possibilities that Web3 opens up for the creator economy, especially women, through coto Gains. Through coto Gains (tokens), creators can benefit from economic growth and it helps empower women financially. This program will enable coto to give back to the community and establish a participatory ecosystem for its members. 

Katial told BuzzInContent that he would be exploring more such partnerships with influencer marketing agencies but will be mindful of the number of agencies it onboards as he doesn’t want the creators’ roster to overlap.

Currently, coto doesn’t directly work with brands for their influencer-led campaigns but allows its community members to do brand partnerships every now and then. Katial said the platform will do a formal brand partnership launch in the next quarter.

“We want our communities to reach a certain size and scale so there is a certain amount of value creation that can happen both for advertisers and creators. Also, there are not many niche communities around mental, wellness and menstrual health available. coto can be an opportunity for brands to be part of such niche and involved communities,” he commented.

Priya Ahuja, a fitness freak mom blogger, said, “The rise of mainstream social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube has given a major push to content creators to connect with a global audience. However, there are still many disparities between men and women content creators in terms of compensation, higher possibility of online threats against women and more. This makes my association with coto more liberating and valuable. As a creator, we are free to discuss any topic without any fears or stress of being judged or trolled online. Moreover, I also get the opportunity to monetise through my content with coto’s reward-based referral program – coto Gains. The program gives women creators an edge and a chance to grow together with the platform.”

Shreya Gupta, Food and Travel Blogger, who has her coto community ‘Foodies Unite’, said, “As a woman in the food and travel blogging industry, I have encountered several challenges in the influencer landscape. But I’m positive to see the industry slowly becoming more inclusive and welcoming to diverse voices. It’s crucial that women in this space support and uplift each other, and that brands recognise and fairly compensate the value that we bring to the table as content creators and influencers. I’m grateful for brands like coto and Voxxy Media who provide women creators like me with a platform to make our voices heard and compete with the best talent out there.”

With a focus on shared value creation and meaningful communities, coto provides creators with a platform to build together and own together, while Voxxy Media brings monetisation experience and connections to help creators get the recognition they deserve. With this token-led partnership, coto and Voxxy Media are further strengthening their commitment to creator monetisation.