Creators' freedom key to stronger brand-creator alignment, says Anmol Raina

In the latest episode of Spotlight by BuzzInContent, content creator Anmol Raina delved into his preference for creating diverse content as opposed to specialising in a niche. He shared his approach to collaborating with brands in sponsorship deals, discussed the hiatus he took in his content creation journey, among other engaging topics

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Anmol Raina

Brands are pouring significant resources into social media marketing, but they may have overlooked the fact that traditional marketing methods may not be the ideal choice when doing brand deals, content creator Anmol Raina said while adding that it's crucial to let creators craft promotional content in their unique style, rather than following the traditional route.

During the latest episode of Spotlight by BuzzInContent, Raina opined that there is a room for improved alignment between brands and creators and they can get on the same wavelength.

While numerous content creators have expressed worries about striking a balance between creative independence and meeting the objectives of brand partnerships, Raina stands out by emphasising that he does not encounter many issues in his collaborations. He said that his working relationships with brands are marked by clarity and consistency, ensuring a harmonious partnership.

“I have no issue working with brands, everything is clear and consistent for us. Brands are now investing heavily in social media marketing, but they haven't realised that traditional marketing strategies may not be the best fit. It's important to let creators make promotional content in their own style, rather than the traditional approach. I understand why brands want control, given the significant investment, but there's room for better alignment between brands and creators. Currently, there's a bit of a mismatch,” he added.

While sharing how he began his content creation journey, Raina said, “I have had a strong desire to be a content creator for quite some time, and it's been nearly two years since I fully embraced this pursuit. It all began when I was around 15-16 years old, watching gaming YouTubers who recorded themselves playing games and providing commentary. Over time, my interest expanded to fitness and vlog content. While my initial dream was to become a professional basketball player, certain life events led me to reconsider and give content creation a shot. I decided to see where this path could take me.”

He further explained that he took a break from creating content because he got a bit tired of making funny videos. However, he also clarifies that he is not tired of making videos in general, and he won't ever be bored of it.

“Sometimes, you can get caught up in chasing likes and followers, and when they aren't coming as expected, you can underestimate the fact that there are people who genuinely watch and appreciate your content,” Raina added.

Previously, Raina temporarily stepped away from content creation. Now that he has returned, he opened up about the reasons behind his hiatus and discussed how things are progressing for him.

“I took a deliberate break from my content creation because I wanted to explore new creative avenues, especially my interest in rapping. Unfortunately, my approach to this transition was flawed. Instead of completely stopping content creation, I should have gradually introduced my new pursuits. I'm now learning to balance both video content and my passion for rapping, although I'm not proficient at it yet. This pause wasn't due to a crisis, but a conscious decision to diversify my creative endeavours and improve over time,” Raina said.

Raina shares a variety of content, encompassing funny reels, fitness, and more. He pointed out that this approach is not an attempt to find his niche, rather, he simply aims to maintain diversity in his content.

“I aim to keep my content diverse. I'm not sure if this could be a disadvantage, like if brands get confused about what I create. However, personally, I want to keep it diverse because I don't want to limit myself to one category. For instance, I focused on funny content in the past, but I've always been interested in fitness. I should have showcased that aspect of my life from the beginning, and now I'm working on including it in my content,” he added.

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