Defying social media trends, I create content that's uniquely mine: Rohit Zinjurke

Zinjurke emphasised the importance of blending trends with originality when incorporating them into his work

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Rohit Zinjurke

Rohit Zinjurke, a content creator known for his unique approach, shared his perspective on social media trends and brand promotions in a conversation with

Reflecting on his journey, Zinjurke highlighted his refusal to conform to popular trends, preferring to create his own distinctive content. 

He also emphasised the importance of blending trends with originality when incorporating them into his work. 

“I refrain from conforming to social media trends. While many creators find success by following popular trends, I have consistently focused on producing my own unique content. On occasions when I do incorporate trends, I prefer to blend them with my original content rather than solely adopting them,” Zinjurke said during the episode. 

Speaking about brand promotions, Zinjurke said that when a brand approaches you, they have certain expectations, and it is crucial for content creators to exert the same level of effort in promoting them.

Speaking about his content creation journey, Zinjurke stated, “Back in 2019, when TikTok was still around, everyone was busy creating short videos, and I, too, would delve into those videos. Despite having no prior experience in content creation and working a job at the time, I decided to give it a try. One day, using my friend's iPhone, I shot a slow-motion video and uploaded it on TikTok along with a catchy song. Surprisingly, that video turned out to be my first taste of viral success, gathering approximately 80k likes and numerous views.”

The slow-motion feature was relatively new and sparked curiosity among viewers. Subsequently, Zinjurke continued sharing more videos, but unfortunately, they didn't receive the same level of attention and engagement as his initial viral hit. 

“Subsequently, I acquired my personal iPhone and embarked on a journey of creating videos, realising the significance of this endeavour and embracing it as a regular practice. I delved into the quest for ideal filming locations and even ventured into imitating Bollywood actors and recreating movie scenes. As my content resonated with the audience, it garnered appreciation and gradually, my presence became recognisable,” Zinjurke stated. 

Eventually, he began generating income through promotions, surpassing the earnings from his regular job. 

“Inspired by this success, I decided to leave my job behind and ventured to Mumbai with the intention of creating videos and establishing valuable connections. Over time, I produced various videos that resonated with the audience, playing a significant role in my journey,” he added. 

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