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Django Digital, an integrated solutions agency, has announced the launch of its new influencer management unit called Djang-gang. The agency has positioned the unit as a ‘by invite’ only club that permits creators that match the ethos of the agency.

The agency is offering creators an in-house studio set-up, post-production perks, commitment to handle all legal aspects and the youngest creative team to back the content being created

Founders Aashay Shah and Shivang Shah, said, “Django has been piloting influencer marketing for over a year now. We finally decided to marry our learnings and expertise with the growing influencer marketing space. The digital arena is growing and we want to be at the forefront of it. With that in mind, we launched this unit to streamline how brands and creators experience the digital age. What does Djang-gang bring to the table? Access to bigger brands. Access to impactful campaigns. Competitive rates. Rich quality content. And that is just the start.”

They launched this with a very different framework of a bold by-invite-only programme and 50 exclusive invites that will be rolled out to creators who apply to be managed by Djang-Gang. They have already locked in 10 creators on their roster who will also be a part of the launch and are expanding further.

Currently, their roster of creators includes Ria Swamy, Shubhankar Gawande, Asfa Sayed, Akshay Nagori, Zoe Siddharth, Mumbai Foodie, Karan Sawhney, Arnav Bhasin, Priyal Kashypa and Rahill Mehta. Django Digital is revolutionising the game with the launch of Djang-gang, encouraging creators to find their tribe here and while they’re at it, find themselves too.

The agency launched a video introducing Djang-gang to the world on its launch day.