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Durex and Vice India have come together to showcase a new content piece which aims to guide men about what women actually want - through an "A-Z glossary" of women's pleasure. 

The brand came together with the platform to make a 179-second video titled – ‘That's What She Said’. The content piece tries to direct men onto the right path by guiding what women actually desire and eliminates misinformation.

From A for action to D for do it yourself to J for just keep going, the quirky ad spot is a fun yet useful guide to women's pleasure.

The YouTube description of the video on Vice's account read, "Let's collaborate and make a video - that's what Durex said. Sounds exciting - that's what we said. Can the video go on a little longer? - that's what she said. More like that's what she's always wanted." 

A highlight of the video on Durex India's Instagram profile has garnered many positive responses from female users.

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"Memes to education. Durex came a long way. Best of luck guys," an Instagram user commented. 

"Absolutely love this," another user commented.