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Duroflex, on the occasion of World Sleep Day, came up with a digital-first campaign, ‘India’s Sleepiest Page’, to continue its commitment to helping India sleep better.

The brand roped in Indian footballer Sunil Chhetri to help spread the message of adopting a good sleep routine.

On the occasion of World Sleep Day, Duroflex championed the cause of helping individuals fight a widespread habit that impact their night’s sleep and overall wellbeing, and spread authentic information in collaboration with credible voices.

Night-time scrolling emerged as one of the most common tech habits which negatively impact sleep. The blue light emitted by digital devices disturbs circadian rhythm, stimulates the brain and forces it to feel alert and awake. Consuming exciting content on the internet induces dopamine, the happy hormone and delays sleep.

To counter this impact, Duroflex has launched ‘India’s Sleepiest Page’ campaign where the brand will host a series of unexciting content on its digital platforms to help the audience wind down and prepare for a good night's sleep. 

Duroflex roped in Chhetri, a firm advocate of quality sleep, to feature in their brand film.

Chhetri has previously gone on record to talk about the importance of sound sleep, going to bed early and using no devices in the bedroom. This makes him a great fit for a brand which understands the importance of sleep and is devoted to spreading awareness about healthy sleep.

The campaign is built on three digital films in which one can see Chhetri talking about how consuming exciting content is not going to help people sleep and that they should rather watch him do some unexciting stuff that will not energize their brain at bedtime, instead help them wind down. 

Mohanraj J, CEO, Duroflex, said, “Everyone wants to sleep better, however, most need help to get sound sleep. As India’s sleep coach, this World Sleep Day, we have created a unique offering like India’s Sleepiest Page, which stands true to our endeavour to get India to adopt good sleep patterns and bridge any sleep gaps. We are honoured to partner with a renowned sportsperson like Sunil Chhetri, who will help us forward the objective of this campaign”

In addition to this, customers visiting Duroflex’s website to scroll and shop at night will receive an advisory saying ‘shopping late at night is not advisable’.

India's Sleepiest Page | ft. Sunil Chhetri | Duroflex