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This World Sleep Day, Duroflex launched a new campaign titled #SoundsOfSleep to highlight music as an aid to sleep. In association with Sony Music, it is curating a lullaby series aimed at new-age parents. Every week, the mattress manufacturer releases a video on YouTube of a popular singer crooning a regional lullaby. To keep the momentum going, it has tied up with some influencers on Instagram to promote the campaign.

Smita Murarka

Speaking to about their influencer-marketing strategy, Smita Murarka, Vice-President,  Marketing & E-commerce, Duroflex, said, “We sent our renditions of lullabies to influencers who are either new or expecting parents for them to discover this lovely and effective sleep routine for their babies. A lot of them have appreciated the effort and shared their experiences with lullabies on Instagram. Every parent who appreciates and is able to use our lullaby is an influencer for us.”

According to the data provided by content marketing agency Sheeko, the brand got a viewership of around 3 million. While two million views were through the first episode of the lullaby series featuring Monali Thakur, it got 1 million views just through the influencers. The campaign cost them about Rs 15 lakh, apart from the cost of content creation and distribution.

As evident from Sheeko’s activity graph, Duroflex had been moderately active through the year on digital platforms. However, the campaign has led to an increase in their numbers.

Sheeko Brandscore graph of the brand’s performance on Instagram over one year:

Speaking about the thought behind the campaign, Murarka said, “As a brand, Duroflex wants to help the country sleep better. Music, especially lullabies, is one of the oldest sleep aids that have been used by parents to lull their children into a peaceful slumber. India has a rich tradition of lullabies passed on from generation to generation. Hence, we decided to revive, recreate, and curate these musical gems in a digitally convenient way for a new generation of parents.”

Influencer marketing is an important aspect of any brand campaign today. Though there are only two influencers so far, it is still impactful with their choice of influencers. While the brand proposes to have more influencers on board over the course of the campaign, so far Smriti Khanna and Rannvijay Singha have shared video posts, promoting the campaign.

Murarka said, “All our singers are also influencers themselves as they have a good reach on social media. And it's not that our influencer marketing campaign is over. We are doing multiple influencers till the property lasts, which is about six to eight weeks.”

In both the videos, we see them putting their child to sleep by playing the first song of Duroflex’s #SoundOfSleep campaign. The choice of influencers is more so relevant as the campaign is aimed towards new-age parents. With the father being equally involved in the child’s sleep routine, the influencers break the stereotypical concepts of the mother having to put the child to sleep. In fact, in Singha’s post, we even see him putting his daughter, Kainaat, to sleep over a video call. A reality many parents deal with today.

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Khanna is a known mom-influencer and several of her pictures and videos on Instagram feature her daughter Anayka.

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Murarka said that they chose new and expecting parents and parents who sing lullabies to their kids. “Apart from that people who have grown up with these lullabies and musicians who like our recreations and those who would possibly like to recreate other lullabies with us. In short, anyone and everyone who derives any value from our initiative is our influencer.”

The campaign is fuelled by the nostalgia quotient as it is centred around evoking childhood memories through lullabies. The influencer posts also keep that quotient alive. As they play this lullaby to their child, both the influencers mention how they listened to it as a child.

Several brands bring out campaigns on World Sleep Day. Speaking on how they made their campaign stand out, Murarka said, “World Sleep Day is a good occasion to start many conversations on sleep — something we deeply care about. We have consistently aimed at exploring a different facet of it every year. This year, we chose to explore music as a sleep aid. We based this on a cultural insight that lullabies were the most basic music aid to sleep and we have a rich cultural heritage of these passed on from generation to generation. We decided to pass it on to the generation of new parents in an evolved form and style and in a way that they know best – the digital way. Thus, Duroflex Sounds of Sleep was created.  It evoked nostalgia and created awareness – something that differentiated the campaign.”

The campaign has also integrated user-generated content (UGC) by opening out a contest for the audience asking them to share their favourite lullabies and tag Duroflex to win Rs 15,000.

"It is heartening to see so many users talking to us and sharing their precious memories with us. We got to listen to so many new lullabies through our audience. It feels lovely to be a part of their parenting journey and to be able to encourage and help them maintain a healthy pre-sleep routine for their loved ones. We are also able to understand what they would like to hear in the upcoming seasons," she said.

Duroflex Sounds of Sleep has extended their presence beyond their YouTube channel and curated playlists of the lullabies on platforms such as YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music and Wynk music.

Duroflex has consistently used World Sleep Day to have important conversations around sleep. Last year, they had run a campaign named #YawnOffSleepOn on sleep deprivation.