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Coronavirus is infecting and killing people across the world. Precaution, cleanliness, hygiene and social distancing are the only ways to battle this deadly virus. It is that time of the century when all the brands have got together to talk for a common purpose. They have come together to not just sell their products but are taking action to make the lives of their consumers easier.

Brands that are specifically serving in the hygiene and cleaning products space have pulled up their socks and have not just increased advertising to boost sales, but are also educating their consumers about the need of the hour, i.e. maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

In recent times, one could see brands such as Lifebuoy and Dettol winning the marketing game by reaching out to consumers through maximum viable touchpoints customised according to the lockdown announced by the government. Influencer marketing has come to the rescue of brands when one can’t shoot, edit and create large TV campaigns at such times. Brands are flooding TikTok, Twitter and Instagram with content amplified by the influencers. These influencers can create and distribute content sitting in their houses.

One such brand that has resorted to influencer marketing during these times is cleaning technology brand Dyson. The brand collaborated with influencers like Mehreen Pirzadaa and few others to promote its #DysonV11Pro to create awareness around cleanliness during coronavirus.

Instagram post by Pirzadaa:

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The brand fetched over 1.5 million views on Instagram in an estimated spend of influencer collaboration ranging between Rs 3-7 lakh.

Sheeko Brandscore graph of Dyson’s performance on Instagram for the campaign:

Such kind of campaigns raises instant awareness for the brand. Dyson has tactically taken this opportunity to advertise its products in