Eight important influencer marketing trends for brands to follow

Ritesh Ujjwal, CEO and Co-founder, Kofluence, lists eight influencer marketing trends that brands can ride on to maximise reach and engagement

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Ritesh Ujjwal

The year 2020 saw a big rise in the number of new influencers. As this form of marketing continues to rise, it is predicted that brands are ready to invest up to $15 billion in influencer marketing by 2022.

No one can predict what the future holds but we believe that a new wave of exciting and fresh content can be seen this year. 

To simplify your campaigns and strategies, here are eight influencer marketing trends we believe will be important in 2021.

1. Short video content will rule

With the coming of platforms such as TikTok (though now banned in India, it triggered a wave of short video content), Instagram Reels, Triller, etc., a rise in short video content has been seen. These videos grab attention due to their short duration and are successful in engaging viewers with crisp information.

From transformation to educational content, short video content does the justice of putting the message out in a defined manner. According to a report by Cnet, a 50% increase has been observed in the number of users watching live videos on Facebook. Imagine the popularity of video content among people these days.

2. Micro and nano influencers will bloom

Rather than spending a massive budget on macro-influencers or celebrities, brands have cracked the code to greater results and less spending. The answer: using micro and nano influencers to lead their campaigns.

With 2020 spent in lockdown, new content creators emerged and the count of micro and nano influencers increased. Small brands took the right advantage of this moment to meet their goals.

According to a report by Later, micro-influencers have the highest engagement rates on their content (averaging at 7%).

3. Introduction of new social media platforms and creator tools

Who knew TikTok, MX Taka Tak, Moj and Chingari would leave all social media platforms behind with their birth and that they would take over the country. With these new social media platforms arising out of nowhere, there is an increase in platform-based influencers.

This helps the brands recognise the right kind of influencers for their campaign on different platforms. Just a month ago, the audio-social platform Clubhouse saw a huge hype and now every person is using the application.

Apart from new social media platforms, new AI-driven experiments are in development. CGI influencers such as Miquela (@lilmiquela) have also come into existence.

4. Influencer long-term partnerships will shoot up

For all the obvious reasons, influencer collaborations are assured to touch new heights due to the advantages it serves. Every social media strategy or campaign has a list of influencers included because every brand is aware of the power of influencer marketing.

Gone are the days when influencers will be on-boarded for on and off projects. In 2021, influencers will act as brand partners and will continuously promote a brand to drive better reach and awareness.

5. Amplification using paid advertising

We know that paid advertising and influencer advertising are two different topics. But ever since influencers have started making content for brands, paid amplification has been that extra boost to rely on to push a content piece to the targeted segment.

Ad targeting helps in a way that it allows us in reaching qualified audiences as well as helps in amplifying the influencer content that performed organically well.

6. Niche influencers for niche topics

With new brands coming up for different needs, many specialised influencers have popped up on social media. These influencers have expertise in their niche and are qualified enough to vouch for their content.

This aids the brands in acknowledging which influencer truly represents them and has a deep knowledge of the topic. Slowly, influencers have started to make content around their specialised niche, ditching the conventional way of catering to every topic.

7. More brands will shift to partnerships

Small or big, every business now understands the advantages of influencer marketing for their brand. Not only does it earn them followers on social media, it also earns them credibility, loyal customers, and brand awareness.

In 2021, we will see more brands indulging in influencer marketing. This will not only give them the chance to show off their products but also the masses will come across new products beneficial for them.

8. Authenticity is the key to outshine

Authenticity is what the current generation looks up to in an influencer’s content. The generation who has grown up with internet accessibility prefers value-driven content over anything.

They appreciate it when their idols are real to their followers and they give authentic reviews about products or any topic. It shows that their favourite influencer won’t buy them into getting any product.


No doubt that these new trends will sum up influencer marketing for 2021, but we look forward to newer inventions that will surprise us. Till then, we suggest putting these trends to the test and seeing the results yourself.

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