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Lifestyle content creator Himadri Patel recently shared her go-to strategy of seamlessly incorporating product mentions into her content instead of solely relying on dedicated product reviews.

She discovered that her audience favoured this approach, as it maintained their interest and engagement levels, unlike the traditional lengthy single-product reviews that received fewer views.

In a recent episode of Spotlight by BuzzInContent, Patel emphasised the uncertain nature of income that comes from content creation while underscoring the undeniable importance of having a passive income. Recent developments on TikTok serve as a stark reminder of the unpredictability inherent in social media platforms.

“It's impossible to foresee what the future holds. This is why I embarked on establishing my own brand DRI by Himadri, although it's still in its infancy. My goal is for it to mature into a reliable source of income within the next two to three years. This will provide a safety net in case the social media industry faces any unforeseen challenges. This is the valuable lesson I have learned from my experiences,” Patel said.

"I launched my own brand just under a year ago, and I must admit, it's quite a challenge. But that's what makes it enjoyable. The thrill of constantly learning something new every day and tackling obstacles is the real fun of this journey. When you are dealing with challenges, you don't always get a peaceful night's sleep, but that's perfectly fine because it's all part of the adventure," she added.

Speaking about how various content creators are leveraging short-form video format, Patel said that short-form content has become an integral part of our lives. It's something we all rely on. If you don't consume short-form content, it feels like you are missing out.

“From a creator's perspective, it's a lot easier to make. You can be incredibly creative in a short amount of time and editing is a breeze compared to long-form content, which can take many hours. So, in my opinion, short-form content is easier to consume, create, edit and share. I've personally experienced this shift in my content, especially with my YouTube Shorts. Many people appreciate my brief and to-the-point style. I find that people have more patience for short, meaningful snippets rather than sitting through a 20-minute video. It's something I genuinely enjoy,” she added.

Himadri's Instagram reels, featuring collaborations with fellow content creators, have garnered immense admiration from her followers. During the episode, she shed light on the benefits of collaborating with other creators, emphasising how it can effectively draw in a fresh and diverse audience.

“Working with fellow content creators presents numerous benefits. It allows you to reach a different audience and brings a fresh perspective to both your page and theirs. The genuine chemistry between collaborators is appealing to viewers, as they enjoy witnessing the camaraderie and the activities undertaken. Consequently, I believe it is undoubtedly advantageous. Regrettably, in Dehradun, opportunities for collaboration with content creators are limited. However, whenever I travel to Mumbai, I make it a point to collaborate with at least one content creator,” Patel said.

Discussing how she successfully navigated brand collaborations that were mutually beneficial for both her and the brands she partnered with, Patel explained that over the years, she has learned what works best for her in her content.

“When I initially started, YouTube was my main platform, and I began by making dedicated product reviews. At the time, it was a new experience for me, and I would agree to review any brand's product that came my way. However, I soon realised that creating a 15-minute review for just one product wasn't effective. There were very few views, and my audience didn't seem to have the patience for such in-depth single-product reviews. Gradually, I stopped making these dedicated videos because they weren't enjoyable for me or my audience,” Patel said.

“I came to the conclusion that dedicated videos just weren't my thing. On the other hand, integrated videos, where I can naturally incorporate the product into my content, work much better. I'm quite selective when it comes to skincare products, particularly because I don't endorse the idea that using a single product can make you instantly fair or slim. That's not something I believe in at all,” she added.