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Shivani Kamdar

Generation Z or Zoomers as they’re popularly called, are those born between 1997 and 2012. Although Generation Z has been around for a short period as compared to the previous generations, it has been one of the most influential ones. So far, they’ve been world-changing, defining and shaping the way communication is made and how marketing itself is portrayed. This highly digital generation is online almost all the time, so what better way than social media content to reach them. As marketers, while we look for ways to engage them in these authentic conversations, let’s dig a little deeper inside their world to see what really appeals to them. 

1. Keep it real

Establish a two-way conversation, talk to them, make them feel like a part of that conversation. Gen Z loves when they can participate in honest conversations when they know that their opinions are being heard and valued. They are a trust-loving generation, and what better way to build it than using the power of words. This aids their purchase decision like none other.

2. Keep it short

This generation stans emojis and slang, it’s their way of expression. So, if you have to reach out to them, then learn and speak their language, it’ll def hit different #iykyk.

3. Keep them entertained

A community that thrives on memes, it’s a guaranteed way of seeking and holding their attention. Memes are like a love language for these zoomers. They appreciate a brand that can be up-to-date with the latest meme trends and most importantly, understand the meme-verse.

4. Keep it visually appealing

The value of video content is no secret and it’s particularly important for these zoomers who've grown up with YouTube. You may have heard that the attention span of the average zoomer is only 8 seconds long as against 12 seconds of a millennial. So remember, when marketing to a gen z - keep your videos short, entertaining and authentic.

5. Keep it value-driven

Gen Z not only wants to see value in a product they choose to purchase but also strong values at the core of a brand. They admire a brand taking a stance, voicing for a cause. Although it’s advisable to do it in a subtle way and avoid going too performative, they're a smart race who can distinguish between the reel and real efforts. Some notable topics they support are gender equality, LGBTQ+ and trans rights, human rights, environmental impact and sustainable business practices, educational & political reforms, among others.

Well, as they say, it’s all about the generation gap after all! Got any other tricks of the trade-up up your sleeve?

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