Flipkart and Moj collaborate to enable video and live commerce experiences at scale

Through an in-app integration, Moj users will be able to discover and shop from Flipkart directly

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Flipkart and Moj have announced a collaboration to enable Video and Live Commerce experiences at scale. This will help Flipkart to scale video commerce in the country and engage the next 200 million e-commerce customers.

Flipkart and Moj aim to enrich the viewing experience on the Moj platform by providing convenient access to products that are being showcased by content creators. Users will get a seamless content and commerce experience on Moj wherein they can buy tagged Flipkart marketplace products directly from the video screen.

In a press release, Moj said that it has the highest monthly active user base of over 160 million members, making it the largest among all Indian short-form video platforms today. The press release stated, “Besides making e-commerce accessible to millions of first-time users, this collaboration also incentivises content creators in the Moj ecosystem by enabling new commerce-led revenue streams to deepen socio-economic impact.”

A recent report published by RedSeer Consulting predicts that the gross merchandise value of live commerce through short videos would touch $5 billion in India by 2025. This growth trend indicates prevalent consumer and market interest in this emerging segment of content-led commerce experiences.

In another recent study by Bain & Company, three in four Internet users (or 600 to 650 million Indians) will consume short-form videos by 2025. Among the various short-form video platforms in India, Moj has the highest active user base thanks to its expertise in AI/ML and content recommendation engine.

Ravi Iyer, Senior Vice-President and Head, Corporate Development, Flipkart, said, “The rise of short-form video as a preferred content format across India today has created the right opportunity for us to pursue Video and Live Commerce at scale. The strategic collaboration between Flipkart and Moj will play a key role in onboarding the next 200 million e-commerce users while creating an ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders involved - from brands and sellers to content creators. Given the diverse cultural fabric of our country and with the intention to offer an inclusive e-commerce experience to every consumer, we continue to bridge the gap between audiences through our regional language interface experience which has played a key role in onboarding first-time consumers. Moj’s wide reach through the Indic languages it operates in is another step in this direction. Today, we are at the threshold of creating a brand new e-commerce experience driven by the best technology and we believe this is going to be well-received by people across the country.”

Manohar Singh Charan, Chief Financial Officer Mohalla Tech, the parent company of Moj, said, “With the explosive growth our app has had since our launch, Moj has become home to the zeitgeist of the Indian youth. At Moj, creators are at the heart of everything we do and one of our key efforts is to help create stable long-term opportunities that help our creator community monetize their amazing content. The creator economy led revenue streams are globally seeing a massive upsurge and this collaboration with Flipkart is a step towards developing a concrete revenue stream for creators in India, while also enhancing the social experience of our users on the platform. This also opens the universe for creative in-app integrations towards personalized marketing. The seamless amalgamation of content and commerce will push brands to reimagine how they connect with their consumers and ignite the digital social commerce revolution in India.”

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