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GroupM, the media investment group under WPP, has announced the Top 100 Digital Stars List for 2023 curated by The Goat Agency, GroupM’s influencer and content marketing solution, in partnership with Forbes India.

This list showcases India's most influential digital personalities, celebrating their exceptional contributions across various domains including comedy, beauty and fashion, business and finance, fitness, food, tech, travel, and social work.

The top 10 Digital Stars are:

  1. Dharna Durga

  2. Apoorva Mukhija

  3. Raj Grover

  4. Siddharth Batra

  5. Rakesh Kumar

  6. Sourav Joshi

  7. Komal Pandey

  8. Meethika Dwivedi

  9. Harshita Gupta

  10. Malvika Sitlani

Here is the link to the top 100 digital stars list.

The focus is on original content creators, with tech, travel and photography, and comedy influencers constituting over 50% of the list.

Notably, the list boasts a balanced representation of both men and women, showcasing the diversity of talent in the vibrant influencer community.

“This collaboration between Goat and Forbes India has resulted in the identification of India’s most influential digital stars,” said Kunal Sawant, Business Head, Goat, GroupM India. “We are highlighting original content creators who are 'influencing' their audiences in the best possible way and driving positive impact. Key metrics such as followers, engagement, views, reach and impressions across social media platforms have been taken into account in the curation of this list. We've also included the Goat changemakers - a roster of socially conscious creators, and an integral part of GroupM Goat's Responsible Investment Framework.”

To compile this list, a multi-step process was initiated. Beginning with the identification of top creators in nine specified genres based on engagement rate and follower count, the selection was then narrowed down to the top 100 influencers through a comprehensive assessment of vital metrics, including reach, engagement, impressions, and follower count. Goat’s proprietary scoring algorithm played a crucial role in the process.

This algorithm, which compares creators within similar categories, types, and audience sizes, ranks their content based on engagement rate. The careful consideration of authenticity-verified profiles, compliance with disclosure labels, and platform presence ensured a fair and data-driven assessment, highlighting the real impact of these influencers in the digital landscape.