How AI is revolutionising the Influencer marketing segment?

Kunal Kishore Sinha, Co-founder and COO, ClanConnect, writes about the ways in which AI is already enhancing the influencer marketing space, and in the coming years it will become an absolute necessity for brands

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Kunal Kishore Sinha

Over the past few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer across various industries. The rapidly expanding influencer marketing landscape is no exception. Poised to become a $75 million market in India over the next five years, influencer marketing is now witnessing the profound impact of AI.

Innovative technology has, in fact, transformed the way brands and influencers connect, engage, and build relationships with their audience. 

Here’s a look at a few ways in which AI is already enhancing the influencer marketing space: 

Advanced influencer discovery

AI-powered platforms leverage sophisticated algorithms to analyse vast amounts of data, enabling brands to identify the most relevant and authentic influencers for their target audience. From demographic information to engagement metrics and historical performance, AI filters and recommendation systems provide deep insights, streamlining the influencer discovery process like never before.

Enhanced content creation

Creating compelling and engaging content is at the heart of successful influencer marketing campaigns. AI has stepped in to assist both influencers and brands in this creative process. With AI tools, influencers can generate personalised content ideas, receive real-time feedback on their posts, and even optimise captions and hashtags to maximise reach and engagement. 

Data-driven campaign optimisation

AI has elevated influencer marketing to data-driven science. Through AI-powered analytics platforms, brands can track and measure campaign performance with precision, gaining valuable insights into audience demographics, engagement patterns, and content effectiveness. These insights help marketers optimise campaigns in real time, making informed decisions on aspects like content adjustments, audience targeting, and influencer partnerships. 

Trust and Authenticity

AI plays a vital role in ensuring brand-influencer alignment and reducing the risks associated with fake followers and engagement fraud. AI algorithms analyse engagement patterns, follower growth, and audience sentiment, giving brands a more accurate assessment of an influencer's credibility and authenticity. This enables brands to form long-term partnerships with influencers who can genuinely sway their audience's opinions and purchasing decisions.

Imagining the future of influencer marketing with AI

While the aforementioned methods have truly changed how influencer marketing is carried out, we have merely scratched the surface. The true potential of AI is yet to be achieved. 

In the future, brands will move beyond 100-200 influencers per campaign and look at roping in thousands or even lakhs of influencers, cutting across regions and genres, to cast a much wider net with each campaign. The sheer magnitude of a single influencer marketing campaign will be beyond manual management, and marketers will require a high degree of AI assistance.

Here’s how AI will help:

A marketer asks AI to help create a Diwali campaign with a budget of Rs 10 crore. Based on the product category, AI will identify suitable influencers who have worked with similar brands, have a follower base relevant to the brand, have spoken about the brand in the past, and hundreds of other parameters. 

Based on this list, AI will then proceed to share automated emails with campaign briefs to the shortlisted influencers and even carry out basic price negotiations based on the budget. Once these conversations are made, AI will bring back the final list of influencers for the marketer to kick-start the campaign. 

AI will eventually also be able to help marketers with impactful static and animated creatives to support their campaigns, take care of end-to-end content creation, offer complete analytics to measure the success of a campaign, optimise the reach of the campaign, and even identify exceptionally performing influencer posts for brands to boost on social media platforms, all within the initially suggested budget.

The possibilities are staggering and virtually endless. As the influencer marketing space grows in magnitude, it will only become more complex. AI will be the only way brands and marketers will be able to navigate this industry. In the times to come, AI in influencer marketing will not just be an option but a vital necessity.

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