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Recently, India’s leading chain of fashion discount stores Brand Factory was back with its annual Free Shopping Weekend Sale in which they offer great range of offers. This year, the campaign made the sale a ticketed event wherein the shoppers had to buy passes to participate in the Shopping Sale. 

To extend and amplify campaign, Brand Factory partnered with ScoopWhoop that created a 10-day content burst across ScoopWhoop formats distributed across all their key platforms. The content drove Pre-launch excitement and urgency during the sale days. The content was targeted across the key 25 cities where Brand Factory stores are located. The content drove huge purchase intent which is evident in the commentary on the videos.

The videos demonstrated how shopping at the Free Shopping Weekend isn’t just for shopaholics, but also for fence sitters (not traditionally Brand Factory loyalists) who need to be pushed to go shopping on a regular day.

It highlighted that the FSW was an event too good to resist (playing on the hook of ‘free’) and wherein even the most reluctant of consumers could be in total control and shop without going overboard or beyond their means.

As a result, 30,000 passes sold purely through ScoopWhoop’s content proving efficacy of branded content to drive both conversations and conversions. 20% of all online ticket sales and 6% of overall ticket sales came from ScoopWhoop content.

This is the first time in India that ScoopWhoop has seen the efficacy of content being demonstrated through measurable conversion on a large scale.

Roch Dsouza, Chief Marketing Officer, Brand Factory said, “Curating engaging content was an integral part of the Free Shopping Weekend (FSW)digital strategy. With ScoopWhoop, we wanted to reach out to a new set of consumers who may not have been Brand Factory loyalists and hence wouldn’t have been familiar with FSW. The endeavor was to consistently communicate to this set of audience through various content pieces in the weeks prior to FSW. The hook given to the team was to leverage from the word “Free” and create relatable content which resonated with our smart and quirky brand personality. FSW being a ticketed event this year, the objective of each content piece was to drive sale of passes. This call to action was seamlessly integrated in the content resulting in sale of over 30,000 passes from ScoopWhoop audience alone.”

Besides the number of passes sold, the campaign garnered a total of 5.8 mn video views with a total reach of 12.6 mn. Considering this reach, the ScoopWhoop FSW campaign reached 5% of Facebook’s total active user base in India.

ScoopWhoop claimed that ~28.6% of all users reached (3.6 mn), engaged with the campaign. (engagement rate= 10 sec views + shares + reactions + click throughs / total reach)

Among the content generated for this campaign, the key brand message – Mann ma emotion – was the most effective at retaining viewers and reached ~20% of all viewers on Facebook and 57% of viewers on YouTube.

Among the TG, 18-24 Men was the most engaged TG across the country whereas Maharashtra was the most engaged location with over 37% of minutes viewed coming from the state.

67% positive engagement on average across the content (shares + loves + likes + positive comments / total engagement).

The campaign drove 7.5 lakh users to Brand Factory’s site to buy the passes.

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