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Adhering to the philosophy of enabling the consumer to be ‘champions of shared pleasure’ so that they can #ComeTogether, Durex launched its new product which is Mutual Climax.

The whole campaign was divided into four phases:

Phase 1: #OrgasmInequality - Durex India shared a statistic around Orgasm Inequality to ignite debate around the same.

Phase 2: #FakeOrgasm - Here, Pooja Bedi addressed the issue and engages the audience. To get the audience talking about the fake orgasms and share their stories and experiences.

Phase 3: #OrgasmsDecodedWithPoojaBedi, Pooja Bedi went live online validating the problem and providing solutions during the interaction.

Phase 4: #DurexMutualClimax - And finally, the product was launched.

Before launching the product, Durex India initiated and led the campaign around the whole topic of #OrgasmInequality by sharing a statistic with the audience  –70% of women in India don’t orgasm when they have sex, thereby asking the audience's point of view on the statistic and igniting a debate on the whole orgasm conversation.

‘What happens when you don’t orgasm together? #FakeOrgasm’. This was the 2nd phase of the campaign where Pooja Bedi shared a video culminating the whole orgasm inequality conversations. And then she invited people to share their fake orgasm stories or experiences. To make it a movement, women influencers tweeted using the #IFakedItToo.

In the 3rd phase #OrgasmsDecodedWithPoojaBedi, Pooja Bedi went LIVE on Durex Twitter handle to validate the problems and providing solutions to Orgasm Inequality.

Once enough buzz was created around orgasm inequality, Durex launched its new product - Mutual Climax Condoms. 

The campaign overall was about orgasm equality. For men and women to be able to orgasm together. Men mostly are oblivious to how the female sexual anatomy functions. They orgasm earlier and women sometimes have no resort but to fake it. Due to various reasons, there is a huge orgasm gap in India where women attaining orgasm is way lower than men.  This campaign aimed at making the men realise that women need more time and stimulation.

Durex roped in influential women and men like Swara Bhaskar, KushaKapila, KaneezSurka, Aditi Mittal, Saloni Chopra, Kunal Kundra, Kenny Sebastian, Aparshakti Khurana to share their point of view on orgasm inequality and to maximise the reach of the message conveyed.

To amplify the reach, BuzzOne Influencer Marketing ran the campaign by getting category B and mass Influencers to participate in the conversations.


The overall campaign had five different hashtags.


Reach: 11 Mn+

Impression: 24Mn+

Engagement: 55,000+

Users: 3000+

Conversations: 7800+


Reach: 4 Mn+

Impression: 9 Mn+

Engagement: 178000+

Users: 800+

Conversations: 3600+


Reach: 2 Mn+

Impression: 4 Mn+

Engagement: 185000+

Users: 400+

Conversations: 1300+


Reach: 2.5 Mn+

Impression: 12 Mn+

Engagement: 700+

Users: 700+

Conversations: 6000+


Reach: 7.1 Mn+

Impression: 30 Mn+

Engagement: 1900+

Users: 1900+

Conversations: 14000+

Campaign Shots:

Women influencers on-boarded for the campaign:

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