How Instoried is helping brands get better ROI with emotionally engaging content

The platform's emotional intelligence tool is creating a direct impact on sales and revenues for companies, Sharmin Ali, Founder and CEO, Instoried, tells She explains how they are using neuromarketing to help increase or decrease a particular emotion in content

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Sharmin Ali, Founder and CEO, Instoried

Content analysis platform Instoried has launched its emotional intelligence tool for content creators across the spectrum. Sharmin Ali, Founder and CEO, Instoried, told that this tool has helped its customers get a 2X increase in inbound leads per post in less than six months and tripled productivity.

Discussing how the tool is driving greater ROI for brands, she shed light on how AI tools can best weave emotions in content and can increase its scope in the Indian market.

The deep-tech platform, which analyses and optimises the emotional quotient of written content with its content emotional intelligence tool for content creators, can help to make the content suit the ideal tone and emotion of the target audience.

It enables real-time recommendations on improving the tone and emotion score of the content. The tool has other aspects too — an analysis tool to tell how captivating a headline is, provide suggestions and a plagiarism checker to make the content piece SEO-friendly, among others.

Explaining, Ali said, “Instoried helps enterprises and individuals create emotionally engaging content, thereby improving ROI. It uses a data-driven approach using their proprietary AI-driven technology to make real-time analysis and suggestions to enhance content to increase engagement and interest for the reader. This leads to more clicks and as a result, a higher ROI for brands, creating a direct impact on sales and revenues for companies.”

The platform uses the principles of neuromarketing to offer smart recommendations to increase or decrease a particular emotion in the content. At present, it supports only written content. She, however, said it will definitely explore more formats in the future.

So far, it has been receiving good customer feedback, Ali said. “There are plenty of use-cases that our clients can explore on our platform: increasing e-mail open rate, creating engaging captions for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, collaborating within the content team and focus groups, checking the originality of content through the plagiarism checker, analysing the mood of your customer while they are chatting with the customer support, etc.,” she said.

It is often argued that tech-driven tools are not capable enough to understand human emotions and fail to weave emotions in content.

Dismissing this belief, she said the platform has used seven million data points in-house for building the proprietary dataset.

“The entire code has been built in-house and I’m happy to tell you that our analysis and recommendations are completely state-of-the-art and have the highest levels of accuracy and effectiveness. As you create content, the tool dynamically analyses it and displays the tone and emotion of your text. When you click on a particular tone or emotion, the tool highlights all the words in your content, exuding that particular tone or emotion. Upon hovering the cursor over a particular word, it gives you multiple recommendations that are both semantically and contextually relevant, thereby enhancing the empathy of your content,” she explained.

Discussing the need of such platforms, she said that it is a well-known fact that ‘emotions drive consumer decision making’.

“Instead of using logic and selling to the logical brain of your customer, strike the emotional brain, which is way more powerful by telling the right story. The idea is to never let go off a customer and keep them hooked onto your platform,” she said.

Ali is optimistic about the future of such tools in India.

“A few factors point that the scope for companies like us is bright; like increased online purchases across categories where the customer should be driven by relevant words to decide on a virtual purchase, increased internet penetration across geographies leading to more people to purchase. The recently released list of LinkedIn titled 'Jobs on the rise’ lists freelance content creators, marketing, social media and digital marketing, among others as jobs that will present better opportunities in the years to come. Top of the list are content creators, who use creative storytelling skills to produce entertaining content such as podcasts, YouTubers, bloggers and content coordinators, which are expected to grow. With India expected to have over 760 million smartphone users in 2021, demand for local and relevant content is only going to grow in 2021,” she said.

Is there any particular format of content that can convey the emotions at best?

Answering this, Ali said all formats have their uniqueness and are best suited to the people who consume through that format. Writers would be able to express themselves best through words vis-a-vis someone who loves the camera and can emote best when in front of it. Also, a content piece with no emotions cannot be engaging.

“We are emotional, we do not consume data, and we consume stories. Emotions are the lifelines of the human race,” she said.

How Instoried is helping brands get better ROI